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Sunday, February 16, 2014

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick and Lipglass: Review and Swatches! Get your Glam Red Lips!

Courtesy of MAC

Hi there!

MAC recently released their Viva Glam collaboration with Rihanna.  I picked up the lipstick and the lipglass. The lipstick is one dollar more with a cost of $16.00, the lipglass is $15.00 and both are not eligible for a pro discount.  I am a sucker for ruby red lipstick and this collaboration truly has the prettiest reds I've ever seen.  Like Dorothy slipper glitter fabulous.  There isn't a speck of gritty glitter.  Best of all, its a fiery, sexy, glamorous HELLO red.

Here are promo shots for the branding-

Courtesy of MAC
 Face chart!

Courtesy of MAC
To top it off, the tubes have this beautiful metallic red tube and cap that really stands out.  I wish MAC would offer every LE in spectacular packaging.

The lipstick is described as "frosty blue red".  Aight, amen to that.  It is frosty, but I wouldn't go so far to say it's pearled or 80's frost.  It's crushed ruby.  Seriously.

Courtesy of MAC
Courtesy of MAC

The lipglass is described as um, the super original "frosty blue red".  This I can gripe about for a mo'.  It's not frosty, it's gorgeous fuchsia sparkle violet bursting hot pink and red all at once!  MAC give your lipglass it's due- I really think the description could've done this color justice with a few more adjectives.  Like 'WOW!' for example.

Courtesy of MAC
Courtesy of MAC

Superlatives aside, I hate to rave but this is really a stand-out combination.  Two selling points made me purchase:   1)  Viva Glam is a charity product and 2) It's the best dang red lipstick/gloss combo I have ever seen and I've seen LOTS.

Look at this lipglass- just lovely, sooo lovely!

The lipstick isn't gritty although you can see the glittery particles in it.  Here are some shots of the lipstick in the tube.

Oh crushed rubies, red velvet, glitter and all that is holy RED- look at this!  Honestly, I couldn't picture a more gorgeous red lipstick.  When you slide off the cap and roll this baby up- it really does gleam.

Swatches on bare skin, natural daylight.

The lipstick applies opaque and smooth with a nice red shine.  The lipglass is my favorite of this combo with all that shimmer and sparkle and pink reflects.  I wish every lipglass had this complexity and visual appeal. The heart has the lipstick on the bottom with gloss on top.  You can see how well they pair.

I wanted to have lip swatches of the products alone and together to show shade differences and textures. First off, the lipglass.  It's sticky like a regular MAC lipglass and thankfully, you can't feel a bit of grit, despite how glittery it is.  I have to now say this is my favorite lip gloss of all time.  

Now for lip swatches of the lipstick.  I didn't layer it on to get this great color.  This was truly 1-3 strokes. It's just a lovely, delicious shimmering ruby red that I find perfect.  It might cling to imperfections a bit, so I suggest an exfoliation and a tad of lip balm before you apply.  This lipstick is like a great lady, you don't just slap it on and go- there's a bit of magic involved to get it perfect.

When you combine the two, you get a glossy, shimmering juicy lip that I think is the most beautiful red combo I've found.  I'll stop saying that, but honestly- just look!

The photo below I didn't touch up at all.  No adjustment of brightness, contrast, nada.  This lipstick and gloss together just glow.

Hope you have a wonderful three day weekend here in the US.  If you didn't get a chance to celebrate Valentine's Day the way you wanted to, grab this lip combo and go paint the town red- with your ruby Rihanna lips! Thanks for reading xoxo.  Leave a comment if you love this lippie like I do!

Have a great day,


krista carlson said...

Those look lovely....Not sure what it would look like on me....Looks great on you....

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Krista! Happy to hear from you! I think seriously with your olive coloring and honey colored hair this would suit you. I would love to see you try it with a dark liner and fill it in with the Rihanna. I think that would love amazing on you.

Marcey said...

On first look I'd say this lipstick is meant for someone with a darker complexion but after seeing it on you it's one I'd love to give a try. Very pretty!!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thanks Marcey! I was surprised at how flattering it was. Do try it!