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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MAC Posh it Up Plushglass and High Tea Lipstick: Swatches of a Shimmery Champagne Nude Lip!

Hi there!

I was in a hurry and needed a simple lip that wasn't high maintenance.  I didn't want to fuss with liner, be precise with a mirror, or worry about bleeding into fine lines.

I decided to go with a lustre formula (more sheer, lotsa shine) from MAC in High Tea and pair it with a Nymphette-dupe of a plushglass, Posh it Up.

I like the plushglass formula because it gives a nice tingling 'plumping' effect and smells like cotton candy.  I feel like it's what the lipglasses should be.

This duo is literally swipe and go.  High Tea on its own is a sheer, soft champagne neutral.  Posh It Up is literally Nymphette's twin sister with a tan, slightly darker but the exact same shade.

The two paired together bring out the best in both.  Take a look!

You can faintly see the golden pearl to Posh It Up and High Tea lines the lips nicely, giving a full, champagne effect to a pink lip.

Here's a close-up of Posh It Up so you can the color of the product in the tube.

I've compared Posh It Up to Nymphette and eye to eye, they look almost identical with Posh It Up being deeper rose.  However, I'll do a dupe post/comparison soon.

Below I swatched the products on my hand, bare skin, natural sunlight.

I feel like this combo gives you the gleaming nude lip everyone is wanting.  

THE Nude lip, courtesy of Google

It's not too opaque, it's not too flesh toned.  It's a juicy nude that is so easy to apply and keep on all day.  I appreciated how the lustre formula isn't drying and with the plushglass on top, you get a fuller appearing lip with lots of shine that stays at least 4 hours without touch ups.

Surprisingly, the MAC online swatches weren't a debacle for this duo.  Usually they are so far off, it's pointless to use them as a reference.  I found these to be pretty accurate, finally!

High Tea, MAC color swatch

High Tea

Posh It Up, MAC color swatch

Posh It Up
 The plushglasses are slightly more expensive, $20.00 for 4.2 mL.  MAC describes them thus:

"Sheer lip colour with a pearlized high-shine gloss 
finish, Comfortable to wear: lush, multi- 
dimensional.  Gives a cool-warm, vanilla buzz to 
the  lips. Moisturizes, soothes and visibly plumps 
the  lips to make them look luxuriously healthy and 
well-conditioned. Contains vitamin E for  
added environmental protection."

I feel like they don't get a lot of notice- or at least as much attention as the lipglasses do.  If you're considering a lipglass like Nymphette, try Posh It Up.  I think you'll like the subtle differences in feel, less sticky wear, and fragrance.

Have you tried either of these?  I think I've found my easy go-to nude lip!

Have a great day,


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