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Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Get Gorgeous Curls: My Hair Styling Wish List

Hi there!

I've been wanting to upgrade my Revlon curling irons for a while.  I know the gold barreled curling irons offer a longer holding curl and a marceling iron is wonderful for a long wave...but I have a thing for rainbow colored stuff.

So combine rainbows and gold curling irons and I'm pretty much sold.  Here is my Gorgeous Curls Wish List:

Hot Tools

Hot Tools 1 and 1/4" and 1" Rainbow Gold Curling Irons at Ulta

Hot Tools Rainbow Gold Tapered 1" Curling Iron at Ulta
I want to keep my long hair soft and avoid it's normal coarse texture- so I try to use a heat styling spray and a smoother.

To keep curls from burning, I like to use Guardian Angel products.  They have a flat iron gloss spray and a curling spray- I like the flat iron one.  It smells good and keeps my ends from fraying.

got2b Guardian Angel
The smoothing spray I love is from Garnier Fructis- it's their Marvelous Oil.  It doesn't feel heavy like a lot of silicone shine/smooth/gloss products do and I truly feel it takes my frizzy hair down a notch.

Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil at Drugstore.com

And because I'm cheap and I ran out of L'Oreal Elnett, I've been stealing my kids' Rave hair spray.  Ha ha, it's 6th grade all over again!  It's under $2 and good enough for getting it done.

Rave Hair Spray at Walgreens
The kind of curls I love range from beachy waves to glossy combed out ringlets- here are some pictures of my favorite hair right now:  [all images courtesy of a google search for 'long curly hair', which showed everything from funkeh wigs to electric light socket pokage]

What is your dream hair right now?  I love all of these looks and have secretly toyed with the idea of putting in dark chocolate extensions to my waist- who knows!

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