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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Swatches of Six Gorgeous Eyeshadows from Darling Girl Cosmetics: My Favorite Being Named 'Donger Need Food'! Ha!

Hi there!

I am in the midst of my fourth and final ADN/ASN RN semester and lemme tell you, it is kicking my patoot! I am super, duper busy and it seems like my poor blog just gathers dust and bad spam comments.  Hey, at least I'm getting some stats, right?  I decided to get off my duff (er, close my RN books), squeeze my gluteals a few times to prevent RN Chairitis and get to swatchin'!

I sorted out all of my jars, yes, all of them.  It took me about 4 hours to clean out my office, get everything sorted and what not and it still looks like a college dorm.  However, it's not dusty anymore.  While digging through my goodies, I realized that my Darling Girl Cosmetics jars were unloved and unopened.  I've been lazy and using pressed shadows (they're easier than loose pigments).  The jars hadn't even broken open a sifter!

I picked my most recent purchase (I believe so, anyhow) and it was 6 shades of shimmering awesomeness.

Behold, below:

Every time I swatched one of these I was reminded why I liked Darling Girl so much.  None of Susan's shadows are duds.  I've never regretted a purchase or felt like I had 3 of that shade already.  Each one makes me admire it, much like Fyrinnae, with the quality of Aromaleigh, but the individuality and lower price point that makes Darling Girl so unique and well worth buying from.

Petits, 5 g lesser filled jars are $2.50, full size are $5.50 and contain 3/4 tsp of product.  Mucho excelento dealio.  I know that's not real Spanish, but it sounds good.

I'm going to go over these shades one by one, including the beautiful promo photos that DG provides that make you want every.single.color.

Each of the quad photos are courtesy of Darling Girl Cosmetics.  I loved them so much, I felt they deserved to be reposted.  Again, the only shots of mine are the BiB marked photos.  They're not half as cool, yo.

 Fisticuffs: Described as dusky indigo base with a metallic gold sheen and pink sparkles.  It is definitely a rosy bronze with gold and violet spark.  

Donger Need Food
Donger Need Food:  Described as soft milk chocolate with strong green shift.  This is a beautiful caramel taupe with a strong shift to lime green and a yellow cast.  I could see this being amazeballs on the eyelid or corner of the eye.  Plus it's a funny tribute to the Donger from Sixteen Candles.

If you're not quite sure of the reference, here's a YouTube clip showing the Dong post party on the front lawn....hilarious, 80's comedy!

Mushroom King:  I couldn't find this on the DG site anymore, so I'll give my take.  It's a blackened plum base with a green and violet shift and comes off like a dirty violet with green duochrome.  

Is It Fall Yet?:  This was a GWP (Gift With Purchase) and it is a beautiful silvered cranberry with a hint of gold.  

Next are my two faves, after Donger Need Food (I still laugh when I read it, ha!)....Brocade and Bronze Dawn.  I saw Bronze Dawn on DG's Facebook page for addicts called Glitter Haven and it stole my breath- it's rose gold gorgeousness with a strong kick of copper.

Brocade:  Described as violet base with strong metallic gold overlay.  I think that's the perfect description.  It's definitely a mauve/berry gold and copper duochrome. It's beautiful.

AAAND look at this, oh man, oh man!

Bronze Dawn

Bronze Dawn
Bronze Dawn:  Described as "such a hard color to describe.  It's kind a ruddy pinky mauve base with strong gold sheen especially when foiled and generous amount of pink sparkles.  This was so hard to photograph and as hard as I tried I couldn't really get the mauve to show in photo's.  If you apply it dry over your normal primer you will get more a mauve with a soft gold sheen but foiled the gold really comes out which lends itself to a more bronze/gold shade".  I think of this as a warm coppery duochrome of violet and gold.  It's like Rose Gold and Sriracha.  It's hot and spicy and golden and mauvey pink all at the same time.  I can't help thinking this would be a killer lip gloss.

So here are my swatches again, showing these beauties without shade names, but from Left to Right, top to bottom they are:

Fisticuffs, Donger Need Food, Mushroom King
Is it Fall Yet?, Brocade, Bronze Dawn

I just ordered a DG bronzer and few more petites.  I have a lot of swatching to catch up on...like more than half of my stash is undocumented, tsk tsk.  I will get to it, but I felt these little colors needed to be shown off. They're just too pretty!

Each of these had a nice opaque finish with a slightly metallic feel- which I like, it makes a shade buildable and bright.  I've never had an issue ordering from Darling Girl and TAT (turnaround time, the time you'll wait from purchase to delivery) has never been atrocious.  I order when I can, which is semi-often and it's always been a pleasure.

Do you love these as much as I do?

Take care,

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