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Friday, January 3, 2014

Online Wish List: MAC Lip Trios- lipliner, lipstick, and gloss!

Hi there!

I've started getting MAC lip items in threes.  I love the idea of a finished lip.  So I find a liner, lipstick, and lip gloss to compliment each other and pick them up.  It's fun for me to have a set.  Do you do things like that? Like it's not enough to get a lipstick, you have to get matchy matchy with it?  Here are my latest picks:

For deep and dark lips, I chose Nightmoth lip pencil, lipstick in Sin (pro shade), and lipglass in Pop Mode.



Pop Mode

For a bright, cheerful lip- I wanted pink but fierce and not too girly.  Almost a peppery pink.  I chose Dynamo (pro longwear) for the liner, it's a tough bright magenta, followed by All Fired Up for the lipstick, and cremesheen glass in Fever Isle.

Pro Longwear in Dynamo

All Fired Up

Fever Isle

For a classic red, I love Cherry lip liner with Russian Red lipstick and Russian Red lipglass.  It's not too orange or too blue- I love it.  Cherry lipliner always reminds me of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode where Kris and Khloe tp Kim's house.  Kris was in the back of the limo just lining away with Cherry and for some reason, it stuck with me.  I figured, shoot that is as close to 'keeping up' as I'll get!

Here's a clip showing Kris' red lips.  Say what you will, but these girls are beautiful and they plainly get a lot of style from their mom.

Have a great day,



Cindy from UBoA said...

I do the exact same thing- doesn't feel complete buying the lippie without atleast the liner!

Tiffanie Michele said...

I know you love MAC so I thought I'd link this to you...
My friend Meg did a video of her favorite products of 2013, and it just reminded me of you because quite a few are products that I thought you'd enjoy!


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I really should be better about wearing lip pencil with my lipsticks! I am dying to get Nightmoth.

Jana Nogueira said...

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