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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nyx Raisin and Decadent Round Lipsticks- Deep Plum or Oxblood Colored Sexy Lip and JustFab STEAL!

Hi there!

I was just astounded at how beautiful the mix of Nyx's Round lipsticks in Raisin and Decadent were when I saw them on Lexi's blog- the picture that blew my mind is this one-  I had to find out how to get this beautiful oxblood or deep plum colored mouth.

Lexi's Blog Post

I was so inspired that I purchased the two simply to get this beautiful color.  Here is my result below:

I was heading out wearing this combo and even though it was at night and a bit dark, with a flash you can see how velvety deep the color is.

Color swatch below.  I used Decadent (a deeper shade) to 'line' my lips and filled in the rest with Raisin.
The result is an opaque oxblood color that is perfect for Fall and Winter.  I could see this with a rosy cheek and a gleaming pewter eye and silky hair.  No gloss is needed as the Round lipsticks are famously slick.  
With a flash, the color is less maroon and more red toned.  In real life, it's deep and almost merlot.

Oh how I love this color combo!  Thanks Lexi for inspiring me as I doubt I'd ever have put these two together on my own.  These are the color swatches given at Cherry Culture, but I think they are much deeper and less brown in person.



In my office where I took these photos, the in-room yellow light wasn't the best and that's what keeps the shade looking more black toned- but the mystery of it is what thrills me.  Is it dark red?  Is it wine?

This has been my lip color discovery over the past 2 weeks and I'm wearing it until I get it out of my system.  Is there a color that you can't get enough of too?  Great news though- Nyx is 20% off at Cherry Culture right now.  You can get both of these colors for $7.00 ($3.50 ea)- wahoo!  However, Cherry Culture has Decadent spelled as Decandent, but hey- life happens.

Here are some pics from Tumblr celebrating oxblood- I wish I had a leather jacket and boots and a big purse in this color.  I'm a sucker for deep, red leather.

Kate Bosworth looks incredible.  The ombre fringed dress, the deep oxblood lips, and metallic clutch.  Be still my beating heart!

And in a perfect world when I am rich, fabulous, and drowning in diamonds, I'll own a Celine bag like this.


So after drooling over that Celine bag, I headed over to JustFab to check out my account and lo and behold I found these two beauts!  Capital satchel in oxblood and Vanna platform pump in Wine....ooh la la!

Capital Handbag from JustFab

Vanna pump from JustFab

Best part about it is that I got both for $14.95.  YEP!  Under $20!  The shoes and purse both retail for $39.95 each, but with a discount and the heels being on sale....the grand total was $14.95 and free shipping.  

In case you've wondered after seeing the ads on Facebook if it's a ripoff- I've ordered four pairs of boots from JustFab and the customer service has been great.  I highly recommend if you want a monthly shoe/handbag service.  Go HERE to join and get some goodies!

Oh oxblood, I love you!

Have a great day,



Geniewtdbh said...

I love a good dark red lip color too!!!

XOXO Jeannie

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you! Nothing is as sexy as a dark lip- I agree with you, love it!

steve l said...

I love the boots