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Monday, November 4, 2013

Grey Gardens Little Edie and Big Edie Pop Art by Zteven

Hi there!

I am always on the huntaroo for little things to go into my house.  It's a big empty house overlooking a lake and it needs a lot of stuff to make its walls inviting.  I adore Grey Gardens for it's decrepit old glamour and paranoid beauty.  Little Edie is a particularly entertaining triumph for me.  So when I saw this little print duo up for grabs, I thought it would be fun in my kitchen.  I like things that have something to say behind the image and this is funny to me.

Alas, here is my little print duo from Atlanta, Ga artist Zteven:

2 5x7 signed glossy prints in black gallery frames.  If it said staunch somewhere, I'd be over the moon.


His blog Popmania is HERE

Article on his exhibit HERE

What do you love to put in your home?  This is hilarious to me and I could just see Little Edie getting a good cackle over her face on a soup can.  I'm sure she'd have something debutante-ish and smart to say about it.

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