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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 Trend: Black Quilting and Gold Studs! Glendon Boot from JustFab and Studded Gold Chain Purse from Forever21

Hi there!

While I am writing a paper for my NURS 3330 class and desperately trying to stay awake at 12:40 a.m. following a Utah Jazz game (we won!) I decided to post my find of the night.  

My husband and I got out of the elevator from the parking garage at the mall across from Energy Solutions Arena and right out the elevator doors is the ever tempting window display of Forever21.  For a few weeks now I've coveted a gold chain (a la Chanel) black quilted purse.  I have a lonely wallet that needed a purse to live in and every time I saw that F21 display, I'd nudge and hint.

This time, we went in as we had about 20 minutes prior to game time and he bought me the little purse.  He at first picked the one right off the mannequin and asked the sales girl where they were.  After she laughed that we were robbing the displays, we found out that the purse was on sale!  Even better!

So as I gleefully trotted over to the Arena, I was even happier because not only did I get my coveted purse, but my wallet will no longer be homeless.  The quilted twain shall meet.

Here is the purse I picked up tonight (images courtesy of ebay.uk):

A second reason I was so stoked about my purse is because I also had on these boots, the Glendon from JustFab.  They are my FAVORITE boot of the season.  $39.95 is such a steal for these boots.  Fo sho.  If you want to join JustFab, go HERE.  You can get BOGO on boots and at the very least 50% off one item.  It's my favorite shoe/bag subscription.

The Glendon is black vinyl with gold studs, zipper detail, and black quilted backs.  I love them.  They are comfortable to walk in, are roomy enough for wider calves than a 14" if you prefer wider shaft on a boot (or wear thicker fabric in the boot) and the design is unique and trendy.

Side view, outside of leg
3/4 angle

Back/Side detail

Glendon peekin' at you from the front!

I was a happy critter with my purse and boots.  Is there a style you love this season?  Besides black quilting and gold, here's my list of must-haves for the close of 2013 in a list because I'm a list kind of girl.

1.  Oxblood
2.  Emerald green, especially jewelry
3.  Taupe boots/bag
4.  Grecian key design sweater/Graphic black and white sweaters
5.  Chambray shirt and dark leggings

See anything you like?  Let me know if you have anything you're in love with.  I'm always interested in what is trending- it's fun to see the changes as the months go by.

Take care and off I go to finish my homework :)

Have a great day, er night,

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