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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Marie Antoinette OOAK and Polymer Clay Handmade Doll- GORGEOUS by Virginie Ropars

Hi there!

Little do I practice, but I am an artist.  I love to draw, paint, sculpt, take pictures...etc.  But often this hobby/talent/what have you gets relegated to the backburner because life and school take over.  I also love Marie Antoinette.  So when I see something this incredible, I want to share it!

Virginie Ropars creates gorgeous, hand made art dolls.  Now don't get me wrong.  I'm not into the OOAK scene that can often be confused with rather creepy dolls that don't wear clothes and assumptions of people who buy (often over 100's of $$$ in price) these dolls.  I'm not into that sort of gig.  BUT I can ogle these gorgeously costumed dolls and wish that somewhere, reality could be this beautiful.  

The sheer talent it takes to carve, paint, and create the costumes and accessories astounds me.  I wish I would've purchased this doll.  I would want a Marie Antoinette one with loads of flowers and crystals and also with an aura that is faintly creepy.  This doll is beautiful and although I don't really like *dolls* in general, this is just exquisite.  Honestly, Virginie's work takes my breath away.  It's just so heartbreakingly beautiful.

She even has little horns- astounding.

Link to Virginie's site- HERE

Virginie's Facebook- HERE

Can you believe this is handmade?  It is incredible!

Is there anything that you love- art, books, design- decorating?  I hope you find something today that makes you stare in wonder like this doll did for me.

Have a great day,

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