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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette- Where Are You

Dear Kat Von D,

So you posted this on Twitter and on FB and it left a girl like me wanting it.  Not just wishing I could have it, but in Sugar Skull dazzleland and makeup apoplepsy.

You see, so many of us can't help ourselves.  We see pigment in boxes with little names and then you add pink and skulls and flowers and junk and before too long, my bank account starts complaining, but I shush them all.  Hush it, I say!  I'm looking!

So, please let me know when this is released for your holiday yum-yums at Sephora, etc.  Your spellbinding shadow book is coming tomorrow (couldn't help myself THEN either) and this should be mine too. 

You see it's fate.  Or love.  Or just that I like little boxes of pigment with skulls and flowers.

Ahem.  What I mean to say is:  Please release this soon so I can buy it.

January 22, 2014- Temptalia just posted this.  FINALLY!!


Buy at Sephora HERE

Much love,

Have a great day,


EllD said...

Agreed. I too am receiving my Spellbinding palette tomorrow but I need to know the release date on this. Is it just shadows? Do we have any details? HELP!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I agree, this looks awesome!!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Have you heard anything about release? C'mon Kat, help us out!

Desire' Lauren said...

No kidding! I found your blog while searching to see if there was any info on this yet! I actually just stopped by Sephora today and bought the Spellbinding book of shadows and am loving it! (Like I knew I would.) But that doesn't mean my addiction is filled!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you for your comment! I keep thinking it's a holiday release, but if it is, it's worse than the Naked3, it's just no where to be found!