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Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Magnetize Eyeshadow Pans Into MAC Palettes! Fit your Coastal Scents Hot Pots into your MAC palettes using magnets!

Hi there!

I've bought little refill pans of shadows called Hot Pots from Coastal Scents and wondered if they would fit into my empty pro palettes from MAC.  The polarity of the magnets in the Hot Pots are not the same as MAC Pro Palette refill pans.  In other words, the Hot Pots won't stick in the palette like MAC pans do.  

I wanted to find a solution so that I could use these empty palettes or just put a Hot Pot into a MAC palette. MAC has several palettes to choose from, like the large DUO, now on SALE for like $4.80 with Pro discount or quads and I wanted to put any pan in them and not have to worry about polarity.  

Thankfully, magnets work in any magnetized palette, like a Z palette or the ones offered at Coastal Scents, so if you want to use a CS palette for your MAC pans, here is a way to do it!

Below (and above) was a MAC pro palette that was empty (I have all of my MAC shadows in other palettes) and I didn't want to just throw the palettes ou because non-MAC pans won't stick- so I bought some tiny magnets and filled the palettes with Hot Pots!  The great news is, with these eensy little magnets I'm going to tell you about, the Hot Pots fit and not only that, you can close the palette and the shadows are flush with the palette itself.  Perfect fit!

Here's how I did it:

I needed a magnet that wouldn't make the shadows too tall once in the palette and strong enough to hold them without being too strong so that I couldn't take them out when I wanted to replace it.  I chose these magnets from Amazon, costing $9.99 with Amazon Prime.

Set of 100 Grade N42 Super Strong Neodymium Disc Magnets 1/4" X 1/16"

The magnets come in this sealed plastic cylinder and let me tell you, you gotta work to get these babies apart.  Like Shakespeare once wrote, "...may be little, but...be fierce!"  Don't let the tiny size fool you, these magnets STICK!

Below is a little look at a Hot Pot out of the palette.  The example is Reef Pink and these are exactly the same size as a MAC pro refill eyeshadow pan.

And below is one of the little magnets.  The palette I'm showing here doesn't have the insert in betwen the pans, so they aren't flush to the plastic of the palette.  Without the insert, you can get as many as 28 Hot Pots/MAC shadows into one of these, but I liked having the 16 insert format- more space in between to work with the shadows.  The fact that with the magnets, there is a slight space under the pan is actually a good thing.  They're easier to pry up and see the names of the shade and/or to replace them.  This might be the preferred way to store the shadows.

You can place these magnets into the palette and the pan will quickly and strongly stick when placed on the magnet.  You can also push them to arrange them however you'd like, as the magnets will slide on the palette surface.  You won't have to worry about shadows falling out because these tiny magnets work really well at adhering.  If like me, you're bummed with how little stick is in the large DUO MAC palette, a few of these under your product will keep shadows and such from falling out.  These magnets are strong enough to even hold blush pans too!

Below are most of my Coastal Scents Hot Pots inside of my MAC pro palettes.  The top has the removable insert to separate the pans and the bottom does not.  You can see how you can do both with the little magnets and it works perfectly.  Both palettes close without a problem and the pans stay put.

However a slight disclaimer: the magnets are tough to remove, they are powerful little babies.  I use a butter knife to gently pry up the pan when I use the insert as my fingernail/finger alone won't lift them.  Careful though or you'll gouge the pan!

Some other ideas for storing pans without palettes is to get a magnetized dry erase board, some of these magnets, and affix shadows to the board. You can do a rainbow effect and write the names under each pan.  Any magnetized surface will do!

Hope this helps in finding a way to use those MAC palettes with other branded pans!  This works great for me and getting 100 magnets for $10 is a steal!  Happy palette filling!

Have a great day,


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great idea!

Speaking of Coastal Scents, you had asked about a brush on one of my posts. It's good old Coastal Scents:

Can't go wrong for $6.95! Most of the brushes I use are CS, they are cheap and they work really well. If you love HUGE powder brushes, Sephora has one twice the size of this which I love. It's expensive compared to CS but it's worth it to invest in the odd brush here and there.

Lisa Moskaluk said...

what type of glue did you use to stick the magnets to the back of the eyeshadow pans?

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Lisa! Thankfully the magnets stuck themselves due to the polarity of the palettes. No glue needed.

Lisa Moskaluk said...

But how did they stick to the back of the eyeshadow pan itself?

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Lisa- thanks for replying so quickly. The pans themselves are also metal. The polarity allows the magnet to stick to both the pan/palette at the same time. If you get the smaller magnets, they are easier for pulling the pans off if you want to move them around. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I have order coastal scents eyeshawdow singles. Does this still apply in 2015? Will I still need the magnets?