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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Roundup: My Attempt To Keep Track of My Hot Pots!

Hi there!

After fiddling with my hot pot images (courtesy of Coastal Scents), I realized after 5 failed attempts to publish that blogger has a slight issue with 377 images.

So here is my roundup of all shades of hot pots.  I am doing this mostly so I can keep track of what ones I have because:

a.  I have a bad habit of buying the same shade twice
b.  Some CS palettes have dupes, which then give me 3 copies of the color if 'a' has already occurred.
c.  I'm a bit OCD

Hope you don't mind!

Links to all Hot Pots by color:

Neutrals (Blacks and Whites included)

In total, the ones I don't have are:

Greys: Sterling

Neutrals: Copper Pot, Puce, Gypsy Gold, Opal Black,
Polished Ivory, Caramelized, Seaside Bronze, Pure Bronze,
Ivory Dust, Golden Touch

Greens: Celadon Green, Deep Sage, Elven Green, Gypsy Green, Frosted Pea,
Pale Green, Soft Clover, Sea Foam, Appletini, Limelight, Minty Fizz,
Mellow Yellow, Spring Fever, Emerald Ice, Hoppin Jalapeno,
Celery Ice, Snow Pea, Limeade, Flourescent, Tropic Green, Honey I Dew,
Sea Lily, So Jaded, Spring Fling

Blues: Light Blue, Vibrant Blue, Sky Blue, Deep Teal,
Icicle Blue, Azure Frost, Sea Spray, Siesta Key, Polar Blue

Purples:  Deep Eggplant, Burnished Wine

Pinks:  PassionFlower Pink, Pink Silver, Pink Mauve,
Vibrant Pink

Reds:  Venetian Red, Rustic Maroon

Oranges:  Melon, Tangerine, Peach Silver, Bahama Mama,
Atomic Apricot, Cantaloupe Slice, Orange Mousse, Champagne
Orange, Mimosa, Marmalade, Dreamsicle, Orange Crush,
Tangerine Dream, Georgia Peach, Sundance, Cajun Craze,
Peachy Keen

Yellows:  Canary Gold, Pale Pollen, Lemon Chiffon, Sunbeam, Citron, Electric Pineapple, Pale Daffodil, Sunflower Petal, Miss Marigold, Golden Globe, Canary Diamond,
Bombshell, Honey Bee, Siesta Sands, Daisy Shimmer, Southern Belle

Total Hot Pots Available:  386

Total I own:  300 (scary, I know, but I got them during a .99 cent sale, over several months)

Have a great day!

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