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Monday, September 16, 2013

Beautiful Tiana! My Bestie is a Blonde Bombshell!

Ryan Barnes Photography
Hi there!

Hubba hubba, right?  This girl has been my bestie since I was 11.  The gold bikini however, was not so prominent back then, ha ha.  But she's always been incredibly beautiful, even if we did wear floral booty shorts and scrunchies.  Hey it was the 90's.

She is someone who as beautiful as she is, doesn't realize it.  Hard to believe, right?  Oh I know!  I tell her over and over but she still doesn't fully see it.  I know a lot of women like that but it's one thing that makes Tiana exceptional- she is genuine and real and tells it like it is and is not vain in the slightest.  

I normally don't share much on a personal level (least of all about my friends) via this blog.  It's just not that type of venue for me.  But when I saw the above photo tonight on my FB timeline, I couldn't resist.  I felt like she deserved to be publicly declared as a Major Babe, once and for all.  

Her re-modeling came about a couple of weeks ago when on Facebook I saw an event casting for models in my hometown.  I thought Tiana would be perfect, so I told her to give it a shot.  She had modeled a little as a teenager but I think back then she wasn't feeling like it was her gig.  Time has gone by and she's still stunning but hadn't modeled since high school.  Great news is, she threw caution to the wind and auditioned for the event!  And of course, she was chosen to model for Macy's.  

Below is her model promo pack and badge.  I was so proud of her for doing this.  She's not the in-your-face type, she is actually reserved to a large degree, so this was going out on a limb.  

Below is Tiana the day of the event, seriously, she's gorgeous.  I know I don't look like that chillin' in my glasses.

Without her glasses in daylight- crazy that this girl is my age.  She's beautiful!  Nary a lip filler or anything in sight and that tan- hello St. Tropez eat your heart out....Sorry if I'm raving, I just am so happy to see her bustin' it out!  Okay that was not a bad bikini joke.  You get me, right?

I didn't do her hair/makeup as we live in different states, but I couldn't help wishing that it were me!  We'd have so much fun and I know exactly what I'd pick.  I'd do a major smokey eye in bronze and copper with feline liner and wispy lashes.  IF I was feelin' crazy, maybe some rose gold glitter.  Maybe.

Probably something like this-  killer eyes!

For her lips since she has a brilliant smile, I wouldn't do pink- I'd go golden nude and lots of shine.  Probably a taupe liner to keep it super neutral.  Femme fatale mode would be going on.   I like the very neutral feel of the two pics below- this would be my template.  A rich, earthy look with gleaming metallics and clean skin.

I think with Tiana's leonine facial structure and wide smile, she could pull off this look without it being too harsh or monotone.  Ah if only I lived closer!

Absolutely no offense or insult to the makeup/hair team, I'm just dreaming up what I would've done.  Shoot, she's my friend anyway :)  Below are the details of her up-do.  It's got lift and a bit of wrap around the structure of the crown.  I thought it looked quite polished and glossy.

The outfit for the runway is below-  I love the pleather skirt.

For the record, she's over 5'7" and her hair is almost to her waist.  Lucky thing!  I appreciated the color blocking of the collar and chunky necklace.  It offset so well with the platform heels (meooow!) and Tiana's 70 ft long legs.

She also posed for a calendar (that's where the header photo came from in the gold lamé bikini) and this is a quick selfie she took waiting for her turn to shoot.  I told ya about the hair didn't I?  I was so happy to see that after the event she decided to keep pursuing modeling.  It warms my heart to see her looking so healthy, fit, and young and shaming all the rest of us Class of 1995 girls!  Go get it mama!

To my lovely friend- you've always been gorgeous.  Keep modeling!  If anyone reading this ever wanted to model- go for it.  You might have a lot of fun and find a talent at it.  Age is irrelevant- you have something to offer.  Even if it's just portraits to share with your loved ones- your image is priceless to someone in your life.  But I'm lucky that my friend is so pretty- it ups my wow factor heavily as I think some of her golden goddess dust sprinkles on me when we're together.  Little does she know how I bask in her glow.  Love you, T!

To get started, it's easy to find photographers (try ModelMayhem) and do a TF shoot where you Trade For (get it, TF) images in exchange for shuttering your mug.  You never know what kind of network you could build by meeting stylists and photographers in your area.  

I'm lucky to have a beautiful bestie because she's wonderful- bikini or not :)  And I'm proud to say she's a Major Babe on my blog.

Have a great day,


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