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Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh I Love Taupe!

Hi there!

I've been loving that greige-ey beige shade called Taupe.  We all love taupe!  It's not grey or brown or tan....but beautiful, neutral, goes-with-anyone-and-everything Taupe.  I love it.

I made a little collage to herald my love of Taupe and if you google 'taupe eyeshadows' it's a blogging war to find THE taupe.  Is it Chanel Safari?  Wet N' Wild Nutty?  I am currently lemming a few shades of taupe myself and can't seem to get enough.

THIS is the iconic taupe makeup look to me...

Google Images, Natalie Dormer with Taupe & Kohl eyes
You know she's smirking and thinking, "That's right, love my taupe" and yes, yes ma'am, I do.

Below is beautiful haunting taupe fabric.  If this lace were hot pink it would be a teenage nightmare.  But if you tea-dye it in this lovely antique brown and pair it with linen, suddenly it's turn of the century, it's Baroque (eeeh, little blog plug there)...it's beautiful.  It's Taupe!

I would love to find an eyeshadow quad like this- full of glorious taupes.  Light for highlight, deep for the crease and a pretty blending shade too.

I find myself mesmerized by this neutral palette of Sherwin-Williams paint colors.  Wouldn't this be a miracle to find from Nars or Urban Decay?  I adore SW 6040- Less Brown, that's you.

Here is Nars' 413BLKR eyeshadow.  I love it and it's almost twin, Lhasa (not pictured).  It's not quite taupe, but a hint of lavender to play off skin tones to avoid looking grey.  It's gorgeous and looks so posh and pretty with dark hair.

Nars 413BLKR Eyeshadow Single
And because I love the little beehive candle, the cloche dome hiding a tiny trio of eggs, and a rococo mirror...this is for the fancy Lisa Vanderpump in all of us.

To keep the taupe trend going, below is my favorite lip liner by MAC called Stone.  I pair it with Angel lippie and Spite lipglass to get that icy blonde lavender lip that is my FAVORITE lip combo.  Like ever.

MAC Stone Lip Pencil
 Taupe cloche hat?  Yes!

I found this taupe caviar manicure on Google and felt like my taupe life was now complete.  I love this!  I wish I knew what color it was.

This entry is what I wish my entry looked like. Complete with checkered pyramid and glass lamps.  Okay, not the pyramid.  I like houndstooth better than checks...but the taupe walls, they must be mine.

I found this swatch by the pretty Phyrra whilst hunting down taupe eyeshadows.  It's like a gorgeous little taupe galaxy.  Behold, Damn Paladins, now called Work Safe Blue, by Fyrinnae.  Another fave along these lines is Moonstone by Silk Naturals.  You can get it HERE.  Moonstone is a pretty dupe for Bobbi Brown's eyeshadow in Stonewash.

Silk Naturals Moonstone eyeshadow swatch, www.phyrra.net

A little taupe candle...

And the last beautariffic item is a lovely taupe chair.  I adore the nailhead trim and curved lacquered arms. This is a cool chair.

Finally, while trying to figure out where the color Taupe came from, I found (via Wikipedia) that it stems from the fur of a mole.

Obviously this little guy is thrilled we all love taupe so much!

And the best indicator of taupe in the makeup world for me is below....mmmmm

Maybelline Tough As Taupe, courtesy Google Images

I love the deep grey toned taupe as shown above in Maybelline's Tough as Taupe 24hr Tattoo Eyeshadow.  It's like sexy leather for your eyelids.  It's smoky and deep but not boring or brown.  I own this and underneath MAC's Copperplate eyeshadow- it's a right fabulous taupe!

Finding the true color that defines taupe was a bit tricky.  Is it brown?  More pink?  A hint of lavender?  To me, the taupe that makes my heart skip a beat is modern, grey in tone, and with a hint of neutralized beige. Definitely not a true brown shade. It's like greige embarrassed, a bit of flush to warm it up, but most awesomely neutral in hue.

What color is your obsession?  Or is this an illness only known to me?  For me, I can't seem to get enough of anything in taupe and maybe, that's you too.

Take care,


Thejewellsparkle said...

I really enjoyed this post, love your descriptions and passion.

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you!