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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Current Top 5 Lemming List: Things I'd Love to Purchase!

Hi there!

You know how this goes.  You'll be surfing the beauty blogs when you see a swatch and go, "wow, that's....oh, I MUST have that!"  You look at all the pictures, you add it to your 'list' (never mind the list has 200 MAC Club dupes already) and feel excited, like I'm going to get my makeup on in a major way today!

I've got all sorts of goodies that I secretly keep in the back of mind, or on a spreadsheet, to finally get my (cue Ariel) collection complete.  I call it the Lemming List- which seems to never end.  Are you like that too? Do you thrill to cross compare items that are exactly the same (MAC Club, that's you honey) just to feel like you conquered that shade in all it's various branding?  I creepily do a mental dance of joy to see that yes, Urban Decay has the same color, so does Wet N' Wild, TKB, Aromaleigh....on and on.  But we love them nonetheless, no?  Because I love to enable and be enabled, I happily share my top five items that I am coveting.  Even if I own something like it already.  It's a sickness people, don't console me.

Here is my current top five Lemming List

1.  Coastal Scents Destiny Kabuki On a Stick:

I have a M16 Crown Brush that's similar and I seriously love it for liquid foundation.  I am seriously curious as to whether it's the same brush.  Did I mention I was serious?  My Crown brush really buffs on a mean face, albeit it is a bit scratchy.  I plan to duke it out with the CS brush and see which I like better.

2.  Coastal Scents Concealer Hot Pots:

I currently use MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15.  When I'm desperate for a full face of spackle because a few spots of coverage aren't cutting it, I bust out the big guns with my Full Coverage Foundation.   But, it's running low and I'm cheap. So I dug around and found these little hot pots for $1.95.  They come in (mostly warm, red based) shades and have some great light picks for my uber fair skin.  I was hoping that I didn't have to buy four to put in a palette, when I realized CS offered this!

Holy MAC dupe Batman!  It's called a "Go Pod".  I could put my little concealer pot straight into this and maybe, I could give my MAC Studio Finish a rest.  I'm hoping to try this pod out with the concealer pot.  
I'm hoping it has good coverage and doesn't settle into my now wrinkly undereye area (thank you nursing schoool for the wrinkles).

I was in a taupe frenzy yesterday, so this made my top 5.  It's that beautiful grey based mid-brown that I adore and if you add a bit of holo sparkle, I'm in heaven!  I can't wait to pack this on with some false lashes.
Yes, Moonstone, come to mama.

4.  Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Lust for Blush

This is Maybelline's answer to Revlon's super popular Lip Butters.  I reviewed a bunch of lip butters, searchable in the right sidebar should you like.  I think I have around 7 or so.  They're creamy, glide-able, and surprisingly packed full of glossy color.  Everyone raves over the lip butters.  BUT I was browsing a blog called Makeup Fancy last night (I mentioned that's how this whole things starts up) and kept noticing her lips.  They looked so natural, but perfectly pink and just enough shine.

See what I mean? They are soft, shiny, and look beautiful.  Every time I saw a look on her blog that I loved, I'd scroll down and see, yep, Lust for Blush was the lipstick.  So, it made the list.  I'm wondering if it's a good dupe for MAC Angel or Nyx's round lippie in Sky Pink.

5.  MAC eyeshadow in Tempting

Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog raves over this and it seems to be the perfect brown.  It's warm chocolate hue isn't too red and has enough shimmer to catch the light.  I don't know why I haven't noticed this before.  I think sometimes I skip over brown colors, dismissing them as neutrals that I have a million of already.  Perhaps that's the problem and I promise to skip no more- starting with Tempting.

That's it for my top five!  Is there anything you're lusting after, makeup or no?  You probably think I'm a fickle thing posting not too long ago that I have enough makeup already.  That is true.  But it doesn't stop me from wanting more!

Have a great day,


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