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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Looking for the perfect nude lip- how I stumbled onto 8 MAC greats!

Hi there!

I have tried for years to find the right lip/liner/gloss combo that will give the perfect nude lip.  I can't seem to make up my mind on what I want. Is it Kim K's beige pout or the Victoria's Secret pink/gold version?  Let me tell ya, it has been a hunt to find it.  I'll buy a color I see on Pinterest or loved a swatch of from a beauty blog and when I get home it's like I dipped my lips in concealer.  I long for the nude that looks more like a pout and less like a cadaver.  Over the years I've amassed over 30 nudes (that's a lotta nekkid) and some I love and others I can't seem to have a conversation with.

From MAC, I have 8 great shades!  Some range from more taupe based to nearly pink.  I have a rosier natural lip, so a blank slate nude like Myth will look a bit chalky and pale.  But a rosy Haute Altitude will be 'lips but better', although in the tube you're all, "Psh, that's pink, not nude"...but no sir, it's a nude on me.

My nude lip search began when  I was a MAC baby and my first experience in a MAC store had me spinning in circles around the counters, intimidated by the uber chic sales girls.  Questing for that right mix of gold/brown/pink/flesh tone I asked for a 'nice nude' and a svelte blonde handed me Blankety and said, "this is the best one- everyone loves this".  Ka ching I bought it and after a few go's, it's a bit mauve.  Next!  Months later, I asked for a nude and got Myth.  "Our best seller," said another sales girl.  I tried it at home and it was like my mouth fell off my face.  I didn't have any lips left.  I've since figured that you can mix shades, use liners, and alter how you put it on...but at first I hated Myth.

Other black bullets of hope fell into my hole of makeup.  Creme d' Nude happened because I searched 'nude' on MAC's website and ordered it sight unseen based on the name. Thankfully, it's a great one- not too bland and not too pink.  Cherish is my 7th grade mouth, all rosy and fresh that I spied on a blog and loved.  A few limited editions like Innocence and Haute Altitude were the natural offering of the group....and faves like Hug Me are great for work and they were listed as best sellers.

Finding each one has been a bit of hit and miss.  That's how I've ended up with most lipsticks- I keep hunting for that perfect color and I keep ordering online to find it.  What combo works for you?  Each one has it's perk, but I'm still calling out for that perfect nude lip to find me.

So here are my current eight greats for a MAC nude lip (in no particular order) !

1.  Myth
2.  Blankety
3.  Creme d' Nude
4.  Cherish
5.  Haute Altitude
6.  Hug Me
7.  Innocence
8.  Viva Glam Lady Gaga 2

I put pen to paper and here's what they look like with a white base.

Below are each shade on bare lips, natural light, and without primer or gloss.  They each have the MAC signature vanilla scent and I like the amplified version best.  It's not too opaque and it's shiny too.  

In case you're cringing at my chewed up looking lippies, let me reassure that I cut them with spatulas as I use them with my freelance work.  I promise I didn't bite a hunk out of Gaga.

Which one is my fave?  I'd have to say Cherish.  It's got just enough peach to look bright and neutral enough to be nude without making my teeth look too yellow.  Unfortunately a side effect is that I have that Madonna song in my head.  Sorry...now you do too.  I think I mentioned my least fave is Myth- it's just too pale for me but looks great on redheads.  Oh the everlasting search continues!

Kim Kardashian (girl, we know your lips got some filler, sit down with those denials mama) rocks several versions of nude lips.  I have to say that her makeup is incredible over and over.  I don't know a soul who doesn't love Kim K's spackle.

First up, more of a gold nude.  You could totally get this by using MAC Oak lip liner, Cherish lippie, and Nyx's Mega Shine gloss in Smokey Look....dab a bit of gold eyeshadow on the center of your lips to bling it up a bit.

Next is a more opaque nude- without much of a color base.  I'd use Nyx's long lipliner pencil in Natural, MAC Creme d' Nude lipstick and finish with a bit of clear gloss.

Oh my, my...the mauve nude lip...which I'm hunting for desperately.  I love icy blond hair, pale skin, and this lip color.  For this, use a rosier liner like MAC Subculture or Nyx's liner pencil in Pale Pink and pile Blankety on top.  Follow up with Oyster Girl lipglass.

And behold the peachy nude.  To dupe this look, I'd lightly use Oak lipliner just to keep the definition and then slide some MAC Innocence on top.  Finish with Prrr lipglass and there you have it.

And last, below the lashes and perfected coiffed brows, is the milky nude lip with a hint of pink.  I'd try to copy this using MAC Stripdown liner, a bit of Hug Me lipstick, and then top it off with Nars gloss in Turkish Delights.  I wonder if that's what she's wearing since it's reportedly the one she loves most.

She is gorgeous and I swear, she could wear any look, but these are some of my faves on her.

If you're warm skinned like Kim K or dark, go for a more brown or plum based nude.  If you're pale like me, aim for a peachier tone.  Check to see how it looks with your teeth.  If they're looking a bit off color, brown it down a bit to make them appear more white.  Spice up a nude with gold gloss and define with a slightly darker liner to add definition and shape and add some pink if it's too pale.  Or, if you're like me and one step away from drag-fab when you do makeup, just pile on glitter.  Glitter makes everything good.

Hope you have a great day and let me know which nude lip you love best.

Take care,


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