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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fresh and Pretty Back to School Makeup: Get A Full On Face for Under Forty Bucks!

Hi there!

Meet Sam, she's a beautiful brunette who asked me to help her find a back to school look.  She wanted soft, wavy hair, subtle eyes, and a natural lip- enough to be noticed, but not full on spackle.  Or as my good friend, Johnny would say, "Spackle and bondo!"  Now Sam is gorge, seriously...but I wanted a fresh and pretty look perfect for back to school.  Just enough to wow in your yearbook shot, but not so much you look like you were trying too hard.

I wanted to put together a little package of products- perfect for back to school and on a budget.  Most high schoolers and college froshers don't have $200 for makeup at MAC or NARS.  Okay, so I didn't and maybe you don't either.  But for under $40 can you look wonderful?  Yes!  Here are my top picks to get the look above and all for under four tens.

This look has dreamy eyes with a bit of drama at the outer corners to widen and brighten.  Lush dark lashes, peachy skin, and a creamy nude lip.  It's romantic and soft and will look fresh and pretty on just about anyone.  It's perfect for an everyday look and a way to look awake and happy when you're heading back to school.

Take a look!

For soft, luminous skin with a bit of highlight
Hard Candy Baked Blush (light enough for a highlighter and finish) in Honeymoon Peach, $7.00

Flushed, peachy cheeks
La Femme Blush on Rouge in Heather, $2.97

Peachy nude lips and a bit of shine
Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip liner in Tiramisu, $3.97
Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Nude Delight, $5.47 *not listed on Wal Mart's website, but I grabbed mine locally- it's a fairly new shade to the US and is a dead ringer for MAC's Shy Girl
Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss in So Fabulous, $3.97

Softly defined eyes in neutral shades
Nyx Runway Collection, Champagne and Caviar palette, $8.00
Maybelline Great Lash mascara, Big brush, $3.97

Textured beachy waves for softness and movement
Got2B Beach Trippin' Salt Spray, $3.94

Total:  $39.29!

That's a full on face for under $40!  So let's pretend you've got all  your goodies ready.  Here's how I did this look-

First, clean skin and moisturize.  I like a light moisturizer like St. Ives Collagen and Elastin.  Let that absorb for a few minutes and start with your eyes first for makeup, that way if there's any fallout, you don't ruin your powder trying to brush it off.

Little trick, apply a tiny smidge of lipstick on your eyelids.  It's moist enough to bind with your eyeshadow, but not so much that you end up with creases.  It's a nice little primer in a peachy shade to brighten your shadow up a bit.  Now take your Champagne and Caviar (formerly called Caviar and Bubbles) palette and get ready.  Here are the color listings below:

(I swatched and reviewed this palette at this LINK, if you want to see how the colors really look...psst, it's a great dupe for Urban Decay's Nake palette!)

Step 1:  Pat shade #4 as a Light color all over your lid to your crease and to the right of your tear duct on the lower lashline.  Then dab a bit of #6 for Highlight shade at your inner corner and browbone- blend into your lid, to brighten and open the eye.

Step 2:  Use shade #7 as a Medium color on the outer corner of your upper lid, to bring the eye up and out. Now put a bit of #2 as a Light Medium shade on your crease.  Just enough to define without darkening the eye.  Blend this back and forth in windshield wiper motions to keep it soft.

Step 3:  Make it pop with #5 as a Medium Dark shade for some dimension at the center of the lower lashline and blend  This shade should be a warm shimmery shade to give it that hint of gleam. Finalize the look by blending #10 as a Dark shade at the outer V.  Keep applying and blending that outer V with black until it's just dark enough, but not dramatic.  The goal is to be soft, not smokey.  If you see harsh lines of color, blend them out using back and forth motions.

The trick is to have a shimmery champagne lid, softly defined crease and dark outer crease and deep dark corner.  Like a gradient from your tear duct that goes light to dark, with a softly shadowy crease.

If this all sounds really confusing, I drew a goofy little chart in Paint (yes, Paint ha ha) to show you how I would use these colors.

Highlight: #6  White

Light: #4  Champagne

Light Medium: #2 Greige

Medium:  #7 Warm Brown

Medium Dark:  #5 Taupe

Dark:  #10 Black

Sorry it's not HD
Finish it with black liner or using a wet liner brush, apply shade #10 from your eyeshadow palette really close to your upper lashes and slightly winged at the edge.  For the finale, generously coat upper lashes and black mascara and just a bit on the bottom.  No spider legs here.  Your eyes should look open and enhanced.

Now that your eyes are done, using a powder brush, smile slightly until your cheeks round up.  Pat the warm apricot shade of Heather blush on the apples and blend up, towards your temples.  This will give you a fresh glow.  Smile again to get the apples of cheeks to round, then on the very top of your cheekbones, apply your face powder/brightener Honeymoon Peach to get some glow.

For lips, line the whole lip with the liner in Tiramasu a peachy nude and then blur the edges with the pad of your ring finger.  Using the tube, apply Nude Delight over the liner on both your bottom and top lips.  Rub them together gently to blend.  Finally, apply gloss to the center of your lips with the applicator and dab with your ring finger to smooth it in.

Finish your look with a sweep of your highlight/powder on your T zone (forehead, bridge of nose, and chin) and you are fresh and pretty!

For your hair, If you want a bit of curl, use a flat iron and instead of pulling straight down, act like your curling your hair with a curling iron, rolling down the strand and you'll get a bouncy wave.  Brush these out a bit, spray the salt spray in only as high as your earlobes and scrunch up your hair with your hands.  This will give you texture and movement with a gorgeous wave.  Repeat for fullness or do a few and keep it simple.

This should be an easy look that'll take under 15 minutes and won't break the bank.  You'll look beautiful, fresh, and not too done up.  Now go have a great day!

Best to you,

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