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Friday, May 10, 2013

How Much Makeup Does One Woman Need?

Hi there!

I've been a bit swamparoo'd with more school after this last Spring semester.  1 year of nursing school down and I just love it.  I'm so excited every day to be a part of my dream, but I'd be misleading if I didn't say it wasn't so very hard and a lot of consistent work.  I'm taking Pathophysiology right now in 7 weeks and so my blog won't be too busy as a result.

I wanted to share something that has been on my mind.  I see a lot of bloggers and youtubers with hoardes and hoardes of expensive makeup.  I've found myself buying new products only so I can post it on my blog...then wonder why I did that when my blog isn't mainstream in the slightest.  Did I really just buy $30 worth of pink lipsticks only to compare them to lipsticks I already own- and for what?  Do I use them again?  In all honestly, no.

So this got me to thinking:  How much makeup does one woman need?  Is there a cultural makeup community thing going on where we buy to share and then here we all are with 53 shades of pink?  I've found myself buying peonies and pillows for my home or framing my vintage postcards instead of getting the latest haul of lip glosses from MAC's 685th collection.  I like the pillows better, frankly.

So I might grab a few things here and there but I don't want to keep buying endless loads of makeup.  I think a lot of beauty bloggers see this as a hobby and love to share and connect and go gaga over pretties- goodness knows I love that part of it.  But the underside are the huge plastic bins with hundreds of eyeshadows and rows of lipsticks (that often many get forgotten in) and a bit of chagrin that this was either sent or purchased and now it's all piled up.

I'm going to take a step back and not purchase much.  Not because I'm on a no-buy, or trying to hit pan, or collect certain items (although Coastal Scents palettes call me).  Instead I think I'm going to use what I have, have a blog sale for what isn't used at all, and then be content.  If something really sparks my eye, that's a different story, but no more purchasing just to swatch and share.  It is a lot of money spent for yet another taupe eyeshadow.  *Now keep in mind I write this after ordering Nars' mother's day palette sale...haha.  But truly, I want to scale back.  I don't need to personally peruse every single release.

Hope this resonates with some of you.  I think we beauty bloggers should use more of what we have and not be so keen to rush out and buy.  I feel like I'm more grateful for what I own when I use it and have less of an inclination to hoarde up goodies when I realize that lipstick I'm lemming is actually red tube #22....enough is enough.

Have a great day,


Luna said...

I know what you mean :)
I try the same thing , i buy new things , but i try to buy only the things i really WANT and will use . It costs a lot of money , just because you think : hmm someone might have interest in the swatches and how it looks on the eyes , but after that it's just laying around and not being used . It's such a waste of money . So yeah i try to be grateful with what i have and just buy the stuff because i know i will use it :)

Daniella said...

Just stumbled on your blog! Its so amazing!!! I completely agree that I appreciate my makeup so much more when I have less. Do you have any blogging tips? I just started my blog and it would really help!

Lorraine said...

I've totally had to cut down on my spending too, it was getting too crazy. So much stuff that I haven't even tried. So I'm just buying brushes now :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

MV said...

just stumbled upon your blog, thumbs up and good post too! I've just started (re-)building my kit and really try to only get the best value for money, only get things I would actually use and am now doing my best deciding what brushes to invest in (have a few MAC already, and do love MAC but the pricetag)...anyway I guess in response to your post I'd say, what would your ultimate kit be? (and anything you have left is what you have too much of:)...and could go on blog sale!

Geniewtdbh said...

I totally agree! I stopped buying stuff but then got a part time job at Sephora which has been feeding my addiction LOL