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Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Hand Washes The Other: A Rave Over Black Magic Soap and Beach Bum Fragrance!

Hi there!

Well yowza, I've been buried under Medical Surgical books, Psychiatric Nursing book and clinicals, aaaaand desperately trying to keep up with my ever chipper Denise Austin (murder) workout DVD.  I'm failing badly on all three accounts as far as consistency goes, but ah me the life of a gal in RN school.

My recent haulage has been mighty and some things I look at, sit back and think, "Okay, do you really need all of this?  There are starving children and this is your 8th Nars blush.  Honestly.  Cow."  Then I realize that although none of this junk is a need, I am human and we all have our vices and mine is makeup. 

Now it includes soap.

Well, it's always included a certain soap.  It comes from a wonderful company ran by Becca called One Hand Washes The Other.  The soap is called Black Magic, which I've raved about before HERE.

Now some of you might've read some stuff online about OHWTO.  I don't care about online gossip- this company has always been amazing.  Flat out Fyrinnae fabulous.  I order, it arrives.  It arrives with Nicolas Cage stickers.  And lovely little clamshells of scented yum-yums.  And wax seals on little packages with cool postcards.  I've never had a company mail such a fun to open package.  So I wanted to share my most recent OHWTO haul, hoping you'll love them too.

Below is my pickins', complete with 2 large bars of Black Magic soap, 5 mini sample bars of it for travel, and a sample (mini vial) of Beach Bum perfume.  I've been trying to dupe Suds N' Sass' Beach House scent that I adored and I think this is it.  The rest are freebies:  Lavender Vanilla Soap and three mini scents in Rum Runner, TGWW, and Make it So.  I also ordered a clearance Halloween Soap that I think my son has now claimed and I will never find it again.  It was wonderful, brightly smelling of spice and woods and rain.  I will smell my son and let you know if he's the culprit.

A close-up of the Lavender Vanilla soap.  It's Pop Tart soap!  Don't eat it, but it's a sharp lavender smell with a creamy undertone.  Seriously, it's like fairy purple glitter pop tart.  I loves it.

A close-up of the big bar of Black Magic soap.  These last me on average 3 months and I use a loofah and lather it onto my face day and night.  I use Embryolisse Lait-Creme Fluide to moisturize.  Good news is, I never break out unless I'm lazy and use something else.  This stuff saves me skin- plus it has this rather apothecarial herbal scent I adore.  Is that even a word, apothecarial?

Turnaround time for the items was crazy fast, like 3 days.  I always love ordering from OHWTO because the service is wonderful and Becca has always added so many goodies it's like getting a multitude of presents from a friend when you open the package.

I loved Beach Bum so much I ordered a lotion (cream) and a solid scent of it today along with another big bar of Black Magic.  One never knows when the Zombie Apocalypse will strike.

Have a great day,


Nadja Sand said...

The Black Magic soap sounds wonderful! I might have to try that one!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I've heard so many good things about that soap!