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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sexy Pink Lips with Maybelline Born With It lipstick and Rimmel's Stay Glossy lip gloss in Non-Stop Glamour: Look + Swatch!

Hi there!

I was on the hunt for a dupe of MAC's Angel lipstick.  I really wanted a soft, baby pink without too much opacity.  I didn't want to veer into a pale 60's lip- more of a shiny neutral pink to look natural and soft.

I grabbed Maybelline's pink lipstick in "Born With It".  Am I born with it?  Uh, no.  BUT I can act like it with this pretty soft pink that is shiny and so soft- you'd think my lips were this pretty all the time! 

So for $5.50 compared to $15.00, I grabbed a perfect dupe of MAC's Angel and had enough to buy a lip gloss to boot!

Here is Maybelline's Born With It, with a coat of Rimmel's Stay Glossy lip gloss in Non-Stop Glamour, a shimmery golden pink.  Maybelline shows the color on their site in the 'color drip' below.  I think it's pretty spot on (no pun intended, ha)!

Here's a look at Non-Stop Glamour on it's own.  This retails for $4.00 at any drugstore that carries Rimmel. I bought both the lipstick and gloss at Wal-Mart.

Here's my face in warmer light, showing how the look changes depending on the lighting.  I love how this lipcolor is so natural and soft and gives just the right amount of shine.

I moved over to my library window where it was brighter as it faces West.  I love how this color combination suits any time of lighting you're in.  It doesn't go too pink, it's not too pale- it just works.  It's such a great take on the typical nude lip.  Instead of the flesh-toned base, if you go with a pink it livens up the face a little, helps you look younger, and isn't so um, B-flick looking.  People will wonder if all you have on is a little gloss and you know your little secret is Maybelline's Born With It.

Okay weird how my eyebrows look like a cartoon and are floating off of my face there on the right.  That reminds me:  fill in brows when taking photos.  :)

Then off to my office where the lighting is East facing and cooler as it's more shaded.

I used MAC eyeshadows and a Wet N' Wild liquid liner for this look.  I should've busted out the false eyelashes but I was in a super duper hurry to get to studying, so I didn't.

This color had me singing the jingle for the commercials, "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's maybelline," half the time I was using it.  Who is Maybelline anyway?  That sounds like something someone would name a milk cow.  No offense if there are any Maybellines out there- it's just the oddest name.  Either way, here's what I used for this look:

Primer, Missha Shiny BB Cream
Foundation, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21 (review cometh forth soon)
Powder, MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation in NW15
Concealer, MAC Studio Finish NC15

Blush, La Femme Misty Plum
Contour/Bronzer, Nars Laguna
Highlight, Nars Albatross and MAC Shroom eyeshadow

Primer, Nyx Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone
Base eyeshadow on lid, MAC Idol Eyes
Crease, MAC Copperplate
Above Crease, MAC Satin Taupe
Lower Lashline, MAC Steamy
Lower liner, MAC Undercurrent
Waterline, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Psychadelic Sister
Lower Blending Shadow, MAC Trax
Browbone/Inner tear duct, MAC Shroom
Tightline, Urban Decay Psychadelic Sister
Winged upper liner, Wet N' Wild liquid liner in Electric Blue

Liner, Nyx Pale Pink slim pencil
Lipstick, Maybelline Born With It
Gloss, Rimmel Stay Glossy in Non-Stop Glamour

P.S.  I couldn't stand it, so I googled "where did the name Maybelline come from"?  I pulled the following from Wikipedia (which isn't the best source, but hey).

The Maybelline Company was created by New York chemist T.L. Williams in 1915. Williams, in his early 30's noticed his younger sister applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller look. He adapted it in his small laboratory and produced a product sold locally called Lash-Brow-Ine. The product was a local hit, but the awkward name held it back. His sister, who inspired the product, was named Maybel. So T.L. Williams renamed it Maybelline, a combination of Maybel and Vaseline.

Coal dust, huh?  Well, things have moved along, haven't they?  I still think Maybel sounds like a milk cow...now I'm thinking of milk and vaseline.  Alright, gross enough guys- right?!  I'll leave now before it gets any worse!  Hope you like this beautiful pink lipstick and it's a glossy, pretty fave of mine right now!

Have a great day,



Kyllie said...

Love your blush!!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thanks Kylie! That La Femme blush is so incredible. I love that stuff.

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