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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moi Minerals Mercy Eyeshadow and Loew Cornell 245B Shader (flat) Brush: Review + Swatches!

Hi there!

I saw this shade when I was browsing online (someone's swatches, maybe Wendi's) and found this complex, sparkling maroon shade that I had to have.  The culprit was Moi Minerals.  The shade that shall be named:  Mercy.

Moi is an Indie makeup company and you can find them on Etsy HERE and online at their own website HERE.  However the Etsy site looks a bit more reliable because for some reason the main homepage at the website says 'no longer available' or somesuch...weird.  I haven't had an issue ordering from Etsy, so that's my recommendation.

You can get your own little 5 g jar of Mercy for $6.00 HERE.  Moi Minerals describes this shade:  
Mercy is  A Deep Purple is eye shadow with Blue Lights When Applied and then color shifts to a Rose/Copper..becomes more metallic rose copper when wet.

I happen to agree- Mercy flickers with a rainbow on top of a burgundy base that shifts purple, brown, and wine.  I lurves it.

Ingredients listed above (sorry it's blurry) and open jar below.  Viva la rainbow!

Trying to photograph this was like trying to catch a greased pig.  You try and somehow what you want slips right out of your hands.  I sat here staring at this gorgeous shimmering spark of holographic wonder and then my photos get a sparkly red brown.  It wasn't fair.  Some things are meant to be seen through your corneas not a camera.  Forgive the bad pun but, have Mercy!

Swatch is foiled wet below onto my hand in natural light.

You're probably thinking, "Huh.  That's uh, kinda brown."  And you'd be right.  However, if I moved my hand it shifted into purple.  It flashed blue.  I was getting cranky I couldn't capture the truth of this beautiful color.  It was such a terrible tease!

This blurred 'glitter' shot shows the royal blue flecks that sparkle in the light and the rose gold cast this color has.  This would take a smokey eye and vamp it up.  I need to write down what I want to do with all of these shades because I'm so busy I forget the second I post it.

With flash below- this shows how much glam is packed into this little swatch.  There is a lot of color going on with this shadow.  I wish I could just call it rosy brown and pack it up.  But, despite my camera's best attempts, you'll have to grab a sample and see for yourself.

So here is what Moi has online to show you what Mercy looks like- I am so pleased to see such a perfectly accurate product photo.  Sometimes I order something and when I receive it I realize instantly, it wasn't what I'd hoped.  Based on this color I think with Moi anything you order will be what you expect.  In a world of 'buy unseen' cosmetics on the Indie market, this is a great comfort.  I like knowing what I'm purchasing will be what I hope it is.

Mercy courtesy of Moi Minerals

Mercy courtesy of Moi Minerals

Mercy courtesy of Moi Minerals

So here's my jar again, to show you for the umpteenth time how much I love this sparkly little shade.

I also wanted to show the brush I use for swatching.  I have tried to swatch with long stripes, heart shapes, swirls, whatever, anything to be different or creative.  Then I bought this brush.  I purchased it at Michael's Craft store and it made me come to terms with my swatching issues.  I dip this flat, straight headed brush into water, swipe across a paper towel and swatch away.  It doesn't take much to get a nice, opaque payoff that makes a tidy little rectangle of color.

The head is fairly slim and the bristles are synthetic white taklon (I believe).  The handle is yellow painted wood.  I bought this for under $4 at the store.

I love how it starts thicker at the ferrule and then tightens to a flat tapered top.  It helps me to not have too much packed on pigment for swatching and prevents crumbles when I use the brush.

The only grumble I have is that the tip of the bristles do separate as the base of the hairs are wider than the top.  I know I can smooth it together with water but it's a hassle.  I wish they were dense and stiff enough to stay put.

So that's my take on Moi Minerals' Mercy eyeshadow and my swatching brush!  Did Mercy appeal to you? Let me know if you have ordered from Meow and what you use for your swatches.  

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