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Sunday, March 10, 2013

MAC Steamy eyeshadow, Nyx Rouge Cream Blush in Golden, and Nyx Round Lipstick in Tea look

Hi there!

Come into my makeup confessional.  Cherry Culture has been having their 20% off March Madness sale and I've got a fever.  A fever for Nyx!  I won't go into my recent haul because it's a bit embarrassing...only you makeup fiends would understand the necessity of 20 eyeshadows at once.  Sigh.  So anyways,  I dug through my hauls from their Anniversary Sale a long time ago (remember when everything was $1 and the site crashed, yeaaah *shudder*) and found my Round lipsticks! I pulled out Tea, a beige latte nude and thought, "self, must use this today!"  I busted out some MAC Steamy, Nyx's cream blush in Golden and got to work!

Here's the result:

The basis of this look was centered around these 3 beauties:  From left to right, Nyx Rouge Cream Blush in Golden, Nyx Powder Blush in Pinched, and MAC Eyeshadow in Steamy.

Golden:  Toffee beige pink creamy blush, Nyx calls it "shimmering golden brown" but there isn't any shimmer in it.  $6.00
Pinched:  Nars Orgasm dupe, golden persimmon pink, Nyx calls it "coral pink with gold glitter and iridescencce" but don't be frightened, the glitter isn't what you're thinking- it's a soft golden reflect and not gaudy.  $5.00
Steamy:  Mermaid tail yellow green shimmer, MAC calls it "bluish-green with gold pearl" but I think it runs a bit golden yellow.  $15.00

         Golden                                               Pinched                                                       Steamy

Move over Nars Madly or even MAC Cubic, the combo of Nyx's Rouge Cream blush in Golden with their powder blush in Pinched on top creates a long lasting rosy nude cheek.

By using a cream blush (on top of foundation, before you powder cream-to-cream to prevent streaking) you actually prime your cheeks for a longer lasting blush.

You can deepen the color or cool it down with a cream blush.  Cream blushes are also a great go-to in the summer at the pool.  A little on your cheeks and lips can perk up your poolside face.

Weird how one side of your face photographs differently than the other.  I think my right is the 'good side'.  I look less 5-head ish.  Kinda.  The light progressively got cooler as the sun came up, so here's the makeup in a bit brighter light.

I did this look at 6:30 before my first rotation in Psych RN clinicals.  My jewelry is from Amazon, a dragonfly cage necklace with green crystals in it and white/18k gold filled and enamel earrings.  Both are from Arco Iris and you can get the necklace HERE and the earrings HERE.

Here's what I used for this look:

Foundation, Missha BB Cream in #21
Primer, MAC Strobe Cream (mixed with above)
Powder, MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation NW15
Concealer, MAC Studio Finish NC15

Primer, Nyx Rouge Cream Blush, Golden
Blush, Nyx Powder Blush, Pinched
Highlight, Nars Albatross
Bronzer, Nyx When Leopard Gets a Tan

Lip Liner, MAC Dervish lip pencil
Lipstick, Nyx Round lipstick, Tea
Lip Gloss, Nyx Mega Shine, Smokey Look

Primer, Nyx Eyeshadow Base, Skin Tone
Lid, MAC Steamy (top and bottom)
Crease, MAC Satin Taupe
Outer V/Lower outer V, MAC Club
Inner eye (top and bottom), MAC Idol Eyes
Upper liner, MAC Eye Kohl, Feline
Lower liner, MAC Pearlglide, Undercurrent *erm LOVE this!!*
Brows, MAC Mystery
Mascara, L'Oreal Voluminous Collagen, Black

I hope you have a wonderful day today as spring is in the air- my daffodils are pushing up through the ground and I feel new beginnings all over- such a happy frame of mind.  I love springtime as the snow is starting to melt, the sun comes up earlier, and I'm just more positive.

Speaking of happy- If you're looking for something new to brighten up your day too try the combo of Nyx's cream blush in Golden and their powder blush in Pinched- for under $15 you can get a gorgeous cheek that is wearable all year long.

It's a wonderful color combo that performs just as beautifully as Nars or MAC and yet you spent less than half.  What a deal!  If you shop today, use code MMM2013 at Cherry Culture and get 20% off, hooray!

Have a great day!

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