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Monday, March 18, 2013

Concrete Minerals: Temptress, Wicked, Deviant, + White Rabbit eyeshadow Review + Swatches!

Hi there!

In an effort to accomplish THE GREAT SWATCHAROO where I swatch all of my indie cosmetics jars (um, this will be a lifetime of work...over 400 jars to contend with) I have for your eyeballing pleasure 4 samples I ordered from Concrete Minerals.

Image courtesy of www.concreteminerals.com

I love Concrete- never had a problem, shipped fast, colors are opaque, well listed as far as ingredients and selection go...A+ all around!

The four colors I chose were:  Temptress, Wicked, Deviant, and White Rabbit

Take ye a lil' gander-  ingredients are listed on the bottom of the jars.

Here are the same colors with the lids off so you can see the color.  Each pot holds as a full-size 1.5 grams of color and sells for $7.00- mine are smaller, just samples in 3 g jars.  They also included a sifter, sifter sealing sticker (I always stick these on the bottom of the lids, I dunno why, just do).

Here's a glimpse at the colors swatched.  I foiled these with water onto the back of my hand and photographed them indoors in natural light near my office window.

From left to right they are:  Temptress, Wicked, Deviant, and White Rabbit.

Temptress is a sultry shimmering mermaid teal- little silver  (I don't see gold in this, really) sparks add depth and it's a beautiful not too blue version of a mermaid tail.  Concrete describes the color as:  (Dark teal w/ gold sparkle) This mermaid-teal shade is rich, seductive and incredibly flirty. The gold sparkle adds a bit of pop to this fan-favorite!

Wicked is a crazy duochrome that sparks aqua and violet with a dirty blue-plum base.  Is it purple?  Is it grey blue?  Not quite sure, but in the light it varies and sparks and is really a cool color.  Concrete describes it thus: Medium purple w/ aquamarine shift) A gorgeous purple with a brilliant duo-chrome shift of aqua!

Deviant is like Fyrinnae Sluagh's nice, prim cousin.  It's a brown toned lavender that has a silver cast to it.  This is a great color for blending out a smokey eye onto the crease.  Below the photo is with flash.  Concrete says Deviant is:  Warm plum purple with pink undertones and gold sparkle) A shade similar to our bestseller "Smut", yet deeper and more dramatic with a hint of gorgeous, shimmery gold glitter!

White Rabbit is a true silver sparked white.  It's not that opaque so it's a harder color to build, but has a little bit of a violet/pink duochrome to it.  Here's what Concrete has to say about it:  (Pale white w/ pink sheen) A soft, opaque duo-chrome that changes from a sparkling white to a bright pink in sunlight. Makes a stunning highlighter or try layering on top of other shadows to create extra depth and dimension!

Last photo- without flash.

Each of these had just enough duochrome goodness to make them interesting to swatch.  They had excellent color payoff and left me wondering why I've not ordered from Concrete Minerals more often!  Maybe I should remedy that.   Hope you liked these as much I do.

Have a great day,

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