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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cherry Culture 20% Sale = Nyx Haul!

Hi there!

Cherry Culture just had their March Madness sale that gave 20% off anything.  Nyx items were also on sale, so I did some haulage.

Check out what I picked up!  Sorry I took this with my phone since my camera bit the dust.

From top to bottom, here's what's in the photo

Girls Round Lip Glosses
1.  Sand Dune
2.  Real Nude
3.  Natural

Single Eyeshadows
Going from L to R, top to bottom (#4 is the first in the second row, etc)
1. Sparkle Cedar                         10.  Dune
2. Golden Dune                            11.  Gypsy
3. Dust Sparkle                            12.  Charcoal Brown
4. Root Beer                                13.  Cotton Candy
5. Hawaiian Coffee                       14.  Iced Mocha
6. Aloha                                       15.  Greyish Brown
7. Eucalyptus                                16.  Midnight
8. Herb                                         17.  My Favorite Color
9. Silk                                           18. ***FAVE*** Flamingo

Round Lipsticks
(From top to bottom)
1.  Hermes
2.  Iconic
3.  Darling
4.  Iris
5.  Minimalism
6.  Fortune Cookie
7.  Muse
8.  Pinto Bean

Single Powder Blushes
1.  Cinnamon
2.  Espresso

Lip Balms (2 in pink/clear tubes)
Raspberry Cherry Culture lip balms...these are wonderful and smell so fresh and juicy!

Rouge Cream Blush
1.  Orange

Slim Lip Pencil
1.  Orange

Jumbo Eye Pencil
1.  Sparkle Nude

1.  Dewy Finish Setting Spray

I can't wait to swatch these and since I picked up mostly neutrals- make some fun wearable looks, including smokey eyes.  Wahoo!

Have a great day,


Whitney said...

I totally remember him! That was when I was a teenager and wow did I wish that scenario would happen to me! : )

Simplybeautifulelegant said...

Do you think that NYX eyeshadow pigmentation is as good as MAC?