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Monday, March 18, 2013

11 Nyx Long Lip Pencil Swatches: MAC Dupes + Red, Neutral, + Pink!

Hi there!

Ohh I love me some Nyx lip pencils!  They're so affordable and really work well.  They sharpen easily, don't crumble, and apply smoothly.  They don't wear off for at least 3 hours and bleeding and feathering will be a distant memory, even using a creamy gloss on top.  They're like the best boyfriend you've ever had:  life is just better when they're around.

I have 12 of these but for some reason when I was getting these ready to swatch, I left Prune (MAC Nightmoth dupe) in my lip pencil jar.  I don't know if it was feeling anti-social or what, but nonetheless, Prune is not here to show off.  Instead I have the following 11 colors:

Deep Purple, Current, Auburn, Cabaret, Chestnut, Nutmeg, Natural, Coffee, Mauve, Pinky, and Plush Red

Here are the ends of the pencils showing the name and the color indication on the back-end of the product.

Each of these offers 2 g of product (the slim lip pencils are half that at 1 g) and oddly enough these long pencils are cheaper, usually $2.00 at Cherry Culture compared to the Slim lip pencil being $3.50.  The color selection isn't as wide as the Long Lip Pencils have 20 shades to pick from.  

Some are eerily similar to their Slim counterpart, for example is the long pencil in Natural the same as the Slim in Natural?  My answer is kinda.  They're close enough that if you're debating between the two, pick the long (more for your $$) but if you want a better shade selection, the Slim lip pencils offer many choices.

These bare skin swatches were done indoors with natural light and go from left to right in the same order as top to bottom of the photo above.

Left to right are:  Deep Purple, Current, Auburn, Cabaret, Chestnut, Nutmeg, Natural, Coffee, Mauve, Pinky, and Plush Red

You're probably like me and thinking, "Um, hello Deep Purple, you're lookin' mighty red here" and it's throwing you off lol!  Well, Deep Purple is a great dupe for MAC's lip pencil in Magenta, it's not purple so much as it's pinkish wine.  I will say sometimes the names Nyx gives to products isn't quite apropos.  Deep Purple is one of those- it's not really purple at all.

The deeper shades are the first 4, here's my take on what color they were.

Deep Purple:  Red toned deep plum  *MAC Magenta and Currant dupe
Currant:  Brick toned dark magenta
Auburn:  Terra cottta infused golden plum
Cabaret:  Not Liza, but a persimmon red

Chestnut:  golden dirty brown *MAC Spice dupe, Cork dupe
Nutmeg:  Warm coppery sienna, dark color
Natural:  Brown toned beige pink  *MAC Stripdown dupe
Coffee:  True golden brown  *MAC Whirl dupe, also Nyx Never Slim pencil more true to Whirl

Mauve:  True pink beige  *MAC Spice dupe, also Subculture
Pinky:  Hot pink
Plush Red:  Vibrant pink toned red

Here's a closer shot of Deep Purple, Currant, Auburn, and Cabaret.

Next up, Chestnut, Nutmeg, Natural, Coffee, and Mauve.

The final two, (with a little Mauve to the far left) Pinky and Plush Red.

 It's amazing to me that each one of these is similar, but is just different enough to make these maddeningly collectible.  Like I need anything to enable me in my makeup hoarding, ha ha!

And a little more yellow toned light (similar to most indoor lighting) to see how it affects the coloration.  They seem to pull a little more pink in yellow toned light.

I've swatched other Nyx Lip Pencils in the posts below!

Hope you give these inexpensive lip liners a try.  I truly think Nyx makes the most affordable and high performance lip liners available and the shade selection is remarkable.  If you have any of these or saw one you liked, let me know!  As for the MAC dupes I found most of these references online.  The MAC lip pencils I own are:  Stone, Dervish, Whirl, Stripdown, Oak, Subculture, Spice, and In Synch- which I'll get to soon and once I post that review I'll backlink it.  Until then though, truly, save your money and buy a Nyx liner- I always grab these before my MAC pencils.

Have a great day,



Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I love these! They are awesome for the price.

Baroque In Babylon said...

I agree- they are so cheap and work so well. It almost makes me cringe when I buy a MAC pencil anymore. I love them too!

MrsOct17th said...

Thanks for the post, it is very informative and detailed. Just what I needed!

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yummy411 said...

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