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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Urban Decay Friends and Family Sale 2013- 20% off it all!

Hi there!

Urban Decay is having their friends and family sale right now!  20% off anything you order with the following code:


I indulged (because I have zilch for willpower when it comes to UD palettes) and picked up these little babies-

Mariposa palette, $19.00 (comes with a little brush, love UD brushes and my fave UD color Haight)

Ammo Shadow Box palette, $16.00

Deluxe Shadow Box palette, $19.00 (comes with mini UDPP)

I always wonder how many times I'm going to own Oil Slick with these durn palettes, because there are always repeats.  But I, like most of you, cannot resist palettes even if I already have a few of the shades.  It's an illness I tell you, an illness. :)

Included in the order was a free sample tube of Naked BB cream (excited to try it, heard great reviews on this).

To placate myself that this was truly I good deal, here's my justification:  I used the code and got the extra 20% off the already marked down items and the price breakdown equalled  29 shadows at $1.80 each.  That's dollar store prices for Urban Decay!! *jiggly jig all over house*

Let me know if you pick up anything from the sale!

Have a great day,

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