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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The New MAC Pro Palette Large, without insert: Review

Hi there!

I've noticed that a lot of us who own MAC palettes aren't real thrilled that the ol' standby palette with 15 insert included is gone from MAC's online offerings.  I can sum up my thoughts like this:  If it wasn't broke MAC, don't fix it.  I like the new duo option, but let's dispense with the tom-foolery and bring back the old palettes and make everyone happy.  This new large palette seemed to be available for like a week and like a tweet between Brandi and LeeAnn, is now removed like it was embarassed of itself.

I have 3 of the original black, slim-line palettes that I use for shadows and blush, although I've removed the inserts to allow for more product storage.  A picture of one is below:

I ordered this new large palette knowing I needed another for my shadows and here's what it looks like:

Pro Palette, Large (without insert) $18.00

The new Large Palette without insert compared to the standby original palette.

Lids up, the large palette's clear acrylic/plastic lid offers more visibility and the base of the large palette is wider and shorter than the original and deeper.

The new Large palette is on top, the original on the bottom.  You can see the hinging is different, less streamlined.  It's also a lot wider and not as long as the original.

Lid open :)

I tried to get a shot showing the depth of the palette, as you can see the pans have a bit of a roof over their heads.  The original wasn't as deep.

Here you can see the dimensions of one compared to the other.

A close up of the new large palette hinge on top and the orginal on the bottom.  I think the bottom is more streamlined.  Again, bring back the original, MAC!

So here is a breakdown of what is different about the Large Pro Palette without the insert, compared to the original-

1.  The clear top window with MAC on the front, similar to other clear lidded palettes like Z palettes (see photo below).  I am almost wondering if it's the same thing...grrr.  Don't they look identical?
Black Z palette, Large 

2.  Doesn't offer the option to come with the insert, boo you HAVE to buy it separately.  I used to be able to order the original palette with either a blush or 15 eyeshadow insert already in it.  Now you have to buy the inserts separately.  I can understand this as a lot of consumers were removing the inserts (like I did) to put more pans in.  BUT I liked getting it with the palette, so if I wanted to keep it in, I could.

3.  Size- these new palettes aren't as slim.  They are bit more boxy and not as small or compact, height-wise.

4.  The large palette is deeper and not as short and is also taller and has a pointier hinge on the back.

5.  I've also seen that these aren't even really available and instead say "coming soon" and the original palette with insert is "sold out".  It was so Twilight Zone to have this new large palette (supposedly to replace the original) be available for 2 weeks it seems and then be 'coming soon'.  Ugh.  Lame.

You might be wondering, okay if the original is nowhere to be found online and the Large is coming soon, what the heck does MAC have to offer for a pro palette?!

What is now available is the Pro Palette, Large Duo, $25.00, which if you are looking at MAC's website, appears like this, if you can find it:

My favorite (enter sarcasm) part of this image on MAC's website is the black background which makes this rather ridiculous.  I mean, it's like Where's Waldo with a palette with the lights off.  We can't see a durn thing, MAC!  There isn't really a good description of it.  Is it a two palette set?  Is it two palettes together? One big two row palette?  *This palette is now on sale for $4.80 on MAC's website, with Pro discount.  

It is apparently (as I don't own one yet) the duo allows for two inserts of either blush/eyeshadow (up to 15) same as the original, but now comes with 2 magnetic pans for both and a divider.  It allows you to hold up to 30 shadows or 12 blushes at once or as many as you can cram in, if you don't use the inserts.  That's my take.

I have one of the duos ordered and I'll review it when it comes.  But for now, the Pro Palette Large without insert is the 'upgrade' so to speak from the original and should be out soon.  Hopefully.  If not, the duo is your best bet or good ol' Ebay.

Have a great day,



Chris said...

Dumb question - Is the palette itself magnetic or do you have to magnetize the shadow pots?

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hey Chris- not dumb at all. The MAC palettes in general are polarized for MAC products and some are compatible (I have a Mary Kay and Cliche cosmetics product that sticks)....but for Coastal Scents hot pots and most other brands like Makeup Geek, Anastasia, etc that sell individual pots, you need small magnets. I buy these: http://www.amazon.com/Pcs-Neodymium-NdFeB-Disc-Magnets/dp/B00W0KPH4C/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1436375788&sr=8-12&keywords=magnet+neodymium