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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Orly Prince Charming: Taupe Blingy Leopard Mani for short nails!

Hi there!

I have seriously short nails right now and needed a quick 10 minute manicure to pick me up.  I'm loving some leopard, so I chose 3 main colors of brown, black, and gold to make a blinged out leopard mani.

Base coat:  Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener (so my poor nails can get fabulous)
Base color:  Orly Prince Charming- TAUPE!
Leopard spots:  Wet N Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme
Leopard gold:  Pure Ice Get Low- sexy coppery gold
Top coat:  Wet N Wild Fergie in Glamorous- clear coat with gold glitter and coins

Here's the finished look!

Taupe is my love right now and a great dark taupe polish is Orly's Prince Charming.  It applied opaque in 2 coats and dries within a minute or so.  I think it's perfect for the base color because it's neutral but not obnoxious.

I hope you don't worry if your nails aren't perfect or your fingers are a bit rough, especially during the winter.   It's okay and pretty nails still look good.  I really don't mind if my cuticles aren't perfect and my hands look kinda rough...I'm a nursing student.  It just means I'm washing all the time to keep up good hand hygiene and I'm alright with not having baby fine fingers.  The great thing with this mani is the pattern is busy enough to distract- everyone's loving your nails, they don't care about your cuticles!

Below are the colors I used, left to right: Orly Prince Charming, Wet N Wild Black Creme, Pure Ice Get Low, Sally Hansen Nail Hardener, and Fergie Glamorous.

After I painted my nails with the hardener (clear) and let Prince Charming dry (2 coats later), I put some of the black and gold onto a little jade colored stone I use for nail art.  You could use anything plastic or glass for this step and it cleans wonderfully with nail polish remover.  *Don't use something fancy though, you never know what acetone will do....I just use this little thing because it works and it's cheap.  You could use a small saucer too.

To draw on the 'spots' and detail, I used a teensy 5/0 Loew Cornell Round 2020 brush I purchased at Michael's Craft store for $3.

To clean the brush in between the black and gold to create the spots and get off any excess around my nail tips, I used the Wal-Mart equate brand Acetone nail polish remover in the tub, around $5.  It has a pink sponge in the middle that is great for quick polish removal.  Just dip in your brush, swirl, and dab onto a tissue to get it nice and clean.

I created the spots by drawing little horseshoe shapes and wobbly circles all over with my brush in the black color.  I also make what looks like two ( ) shapes in different directions to mimic the leopard pattern.  Here's a reference for when you make your spots.

Leopard (courtesy of Google)

The brush is fine enough to get the detail but isn't so smooth it looks truly painted on.  The rough edges and not so perfect circles made with this brush give the look of fur with it's wispy detail.

After that, I dabbed the tip of my brush into the Get Low/Gold color and just filled in the ( ) and circles.  This really gives it that leopard look.  Once dry, brush on one coat of Glamorous and you've got yourself some puuurrrfectly blinged taupe nails!

Short nails can really rock a busy pattern and look chic.  I love how the glitter helps tie the whole mani together and also hides your spot mistakes if they don't look perfect.

This is a great mani for going out, just having fun, and is neutral enough to not clash with your skin or your clothes/accessories.  Rock some stacked bangles, a claw ring, and a LBD and you are set.

Jewelry Factory Claw ring, Leopard, $5.99
Would you wear this mani or is it too much leopard for you?  Don't worry if it isn't perfectly done- the pattern will work as a whole and one 'off' nail won't ruin it.  Total time for this mani was 10 minutes.  Using the brush was so simple, I was surprised with how polished this looked with such a fast application.

Yeah!  Leopard nails!  Nursing hands, yeah!!

In this winter weather, a fun little manicure can brighten your day!  Hope you enjoyed this fun print as much as I did.

Quick recap on how to get this look:

5 Easy Steps to a Taupe Leopard Blingy Mani

1.  Clear base coat (prevents chipping and better polish adhesion)
2.  Base color, 2-3 coats
3.  Paint spots in wobbly circles, ( ), and horseshoe shapes
4.  Dot gold into the middle of the spots and shapes to get that leopard look
5.  Glittery clear top coat to hide mistakes and bring it all together, bling!

Have a great day,


Janette Slagle said...

Here is a tip for those who have dry hands during this winter weather. Which I noticed on the model. Warm up some olive oil (make sure it is not too hot!) and place your hands in the warm oil for about 5mins. Also, you can add olive oil (just a drop or two.) to your hand lotion and rub into your hands. Another good thing is Paraffin Wax treatments, good for those who have arthritis as well.-Cheers!

Baroque In Babylon said...

That model is meh! LOL! That's a great idea though. Thank you! I love paraffin wax...I want one of those little tubs you dip your hands in. I put lotion on all the time and do the whole night glove/coconut oil thing overnight but all the sanitizer and washing is brutal on my fingies. Ah me.

Tiffanie Michele said...

Oooh!! These are magical! I love it! I love that I can relate with the little baby nails. Very cute and simple to DIY. They turned out darling! LOVE YOUR BLOG MADAM!!!

Janette Slagle said...

LOL! Guess you need to come see me for the Paraffin treatments...I have one. So yeah...I luv my treatments. I finish it off with Grapeseed oil infused with Xlang Xlang oil to give it a wonderful smell and viola...fresh moist hands!