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Friday, February 15, 2013

Nars Spring 2013 release: Seduction blush, a preview!

 Hi there!

Fresh from the press I have the pretty deep plum of Nars Seduction blush.  4.8 g of deep berry, ready to flush your cheeks for spring!

Back of the compact:

Flash inside the pan, showing off that beautiful pot of plum...

As of today, I've only worn this once, so I haven't done swatches yet.  But I can share some little gems about this deep, pigmented shade:

1.  It's not clown bright- even with a MAC 109 it isn't a strip of bruise red on your face.  It's warm, like fresh raspberries.  It's pigmented, but can be gently layered and perfect for the palest skin to deep tones.

2.  It's not a dupe of MAC's Passionately Tempted- that is much cooler and more violet.  This is definitely a red based blush.

3.  FINALLY no glitter!

4.  Applies like a Satin, not matte, not frost, but healthy- great for winter and pretty in the summer too.

I'll have more info up soon.  I've been rather ill (missed 2 whole days of RN clinical rotation) and had another day of clinicals, 3 exams, 2 assignments, over 100 pp's of reading....and that was just this week.

So I'll update soon!

Have a great day,

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