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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Cleo: Review + Swatches!

Hi there!

Back long ago before I valued such things as stacking up jars and palettes, I depotted lipsticks and shadows at whim.  I put Cover Girl next to Dior, MAC next to Maybelline, not realizing it was like a high school bus.  The nerds don't sit next to the Prom Queen.  Oh, but what did I know then?

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Cleo was the Prom Queen of my Z palette.  It was depotted and promptly plopped next to a Smashbox quad that also was unduly freed from it's packaging.  I regret this now.  I have to here and now publicly admit that I regret depotting my Cleo duo.  Now I can't stack it with it's other prom queen sisters who I'm sure make fun of it because it's stuck on the bus and they're in the Ferrari of my Caboodle.

Okay that's a stretch-  for reals, here's the depotted duo (that I do regret fiddling with, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?)....swatches and review of Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Cleo- a mesmerizing mint and deep foresty shimmer, just for you.  She's been used a bit, but like any grand old dame, she's a beauty yet.

Swatches were done on my hand with UDPP as the primer, natural light, indoors.  I have to tell you, these photograph so weirdly.  In reality they look so soft, shimmery, like a mermaid's tail- but in the photos it's lookin' like bondo'd out 80's Trans Am around here!

Don't believe my camera- this is one of those colors (like Fyrinnae's whole line) that defy the lens and are best appreciated by the eye.

The complexity of the dark green is really a treat.  Is it teal?  Is it green?  It's what MAC Tarnish eye pencil should've been.  It's the eye color I wish I had, it's the dyed-at-the-mall pumps I wish I'd worn to my high school reunion (kidding)...but it's this gorgeously green/teal/blue/shimmer color that Ariel would've died for.

The paler mint shade is rather soft.  It doesn't apply powdery, it's not scary Mimi (retro Drew Carey before Price is Right) blue....it's mint.  Which is hot right now- true, cool, mint.

Pan to swatch comparison.  How did this apply?  The opacity is lovely.  It's not super soft, it does take some building, but it wasn't a hassle.  I felt with wet application the dark color would be bold and true-to-pan.  I suggest a dark primer for the teal shade and a white pearl (like NYX's) eyeshadow base for the mint.  It'll bring out the underlying shimmer and base color.

This isn't a bummer duo like many Nars duos are.  It applies really well, has buildable from sheer to opaque pigmentation, and doesn't fade off.  If you want a nice teal/mint duo- I don't think this one can be beat.

Nars Eyeshadow duos run$34.00 for 4 g, 2 g of eyeshadow, per duo.  This equates to about $8.50 per gram.  Is this expensive, yes.  About $17.00 for a 2 g pan.  MAC's larger shadows that are 2 g (like the Mineralize ones) are $21.00 or so, so it's not as expensive as it may seem.  The perks are that they come with a mirror, the pans are large for even the biggest shader brush, and the compacts are durable.

Dupes for this shade are:


Silk Naturals- Pixie

 Silk Naturals- Sapphire

Or if you want a bit more green to it, Silk Naturals Emerald

High End (which to me is kinda goofy, I mean just buy the duo...but if you have a pro discount like at say, MAC, it could be cheaper)

MAC Aqua (bit brighter mint, same idea), $15.00

MAC Plumage (sans the shimmer of the Cleo duo, same color essentially), $15.00

I really love this duo.  It was my first Nars purchase (along with the Orgasm blush and lip gloss, which I later gave to my BFF).  I love that it still performs wonderfully, even if it isn't brand new- just like a grand old dame should.

Have a great day,

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