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Sunday, February 10, 2013

MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder: Shell Pearl

 Hi there!

The only item I picked up from MAC's Year of the Snake release was the Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl.  I wish this was a bigger release (enter massive lament here) as the packaging was gorgeous, the images were beautiful- but instead Archie's Girls won the coin toss and got the big cake and banner.

So...Shell Pearl, here's the box.  LOVE!  Textured, embossed roiling snake on a black background.  LOVE this!

Product info- large mirror filled compact, $30.00 10 g product weight.

Thar she is!  It's a luminous peachy beige shade with hints of golden shimmer and embossed with a pretty lil' snake pattern.

Shell Pearl was a big hit when it was last released and also was the base shade for Betty's Flatter Me Pearlmatte beauty powder in Archie's Girls collection- weird, to see it doubled up....but I didn't want the hearts or the deeper blush to change the color, so I picked this single shade release.  Yeah I liked the snake pattern too. :)

In cooler light you can see the beauty of this compact.  The gold reminds me of a lighter version of Nars' Madly blush or a slightly gilded version of MAC's Blushbaby blush.  This doesn't apply dark, very sheer and quite a bronzer/peach flush which could work as a highlight on darker tones and a light blush on fair skin like mine.  You think you're going to get pink-brown but what you get is a pretty skin-but-better shade perfect for looking healthy and fresh.

Really happy I picked this up and although I wanted Aztec Brick eyeshadow and Cockney lipstick, I'm starting to see that perhaps having hauls from every collection is just silly.  I figure with the way MAC repromotes, if I miss something it'll be back around.  And to tell the truth hee hee....

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