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Thursday, February 7, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls: Veronica's Blush Pearlmatte Beauty Powder

Hi there!

Here's the last bit of my Archie's Girls release items to review.  Good news is, this particular Pearlmatte is still available online- so grab yours while you can!  I know if you're eyeing it, pick it up- The pearlmattes are always going to be lovely and I'm grateful I could pick these items up in time.

This post is about the darling little box on the right- Veronica's Blush Pearlmatte Beauty Powder

Out of the box is a lovely white plastic compact with the graphic below on the face of the lid.  I can't decide who I like better- Betty or Veronica?  I think I'll go with Miss V- she's more exciting and this is her blush after all!

Touted by MAC as a silvery pink base with deep pink hearts, when I opened it up, I felt that was pretty apt.  The base color is an icy, silvered light pink and the hearts are candy blue-based deep pink.  Overall the compact has a pearlized gleam to it that is really pretty.  Base pink color is Play It Proper and the hearts are Frankly Scarlet blush- but it seems online debate is saying that if it is, it's not pulling off the pan that way.

To use this, it's recommended as a highlighter or a blush if you're quite pale.  I'm the latter and this is a highlighter for me.  I like to take a dense brush and press the powder just above the apples of my cheeks and bridge of my nose for a soft gleam.  Or setting some cream color base in Luna for a more dramatic dewy effect.

What I love is that this isn't as cutesy as I was dreading this to be.  It's quite a decent sized product and the hearts are rather well done, embossed into the powder that I find myself admiring just how pretty it is.  I'm happy I picked this up!

 Below you can gather a little of the pearl effect this has.  It's not a flat icy pink powder- more like what I wish my skin looked like after airbrushing.  Good news is, the pink hearts aren't just coloration on top of the powder- they go all the way down.  Hooray!

MAC, Pearlized Beauty Powder in Veronica's Blush, Archie's Girls Spring 2013 February release
Price: $30 US
Size:  10 g
Availability:  LE, not sold out as of 02/07/2013

Did you pick this up or pass on it?  I'm excited to use it and I hope it gives my winter skin a little glowy goodness to combat the cold.  It's such a pretty little pan of cuteness, it makes me happy just to look at it.  Hope it does for you too.

Have a great day!

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