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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls: Betty Bright and Daddy's Little Girl lipsticks, swatches + review!

Hi there!

My comic book heart was just beating a mile a minute, trying to open up the little-black-MAC-box and see the goodies!  Archie's Girls and Year of the Snake items were in my hot little hands.  

Here's what I picked up from Archie's Girls.  I really liked the white LE packaging and the gratis (free) mega sized pin that came with my order.  The red hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day and the comic book cuteness is darling- even if you're not a huge Archie fan like me.

The stars of this post are the lipsticks Daddy's Little Girl from Veronica's collection of products and Betty Bright from Betty's pretty girl next door picks.

Veronica's color choices were more sultry- deep plums, purples, and red.  Daddy's Little Girl is a Satin finish and a bright fuchsia violet.  It reminds me a lot of MAC's Love Forever, which is permanent.  Beautiful violet toned hotness!

Next up is Betty Bright, a perfectly vivid coral/pink!  Similar to Costa Chic and Everhip, this peachy pink stunner is a fave for me.

I can't help thinking it's the lipstick version of NARS Orgasm blush.  But Betty Bright is glitter and shimmer free- just that gorgeous coral/salmon pink/peach that looks great on just about everyone.

Below are skin swatches, natural light, indoors, without flash.

Did you pick up anything from Archie's Girls?  I got these and the beauty powder from Veronica, Veronica's Blush.  I'll post that soon and link to it when I do.

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