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Monday, February 11, 2013

Grab me a cabana! Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Island Fever: Swatches + Review

Hi there!

I wanted to do a swatcharoo on another of the eyeshadow duos from my Nars collection.  This fine little compact houses Island Fever- a pale icy blue and a soft silvery gray.  Why this is "Island Fever" is a bit beyond me- unless you like a kiddie pool on a slab of concrete.  When I think island fever I think pina coladas, leis, and palm trees- not really blue and grey- but more tropical!  Although the name doesn't make sense, these two eyeshadows go so well together, I could care less what they're called.

Behold- Island Fever (No longer available on Nars' website, was once offered and now discontinued, boo), but if it were, would cost $34.00 for 4 g total of eyeshadow.

Described as "pacific blue and violet slate" what you'll get is a nice cool shade of baby blue and an almost barely-there pink undertone to a silvery, shimmery true grey.  Both have a slight shimmer, the grey color having flecks (tiny ones) of grey glitter.

Here's the swatches on my skin, without primer in regular daylight, near (as I could manage) to the pan for comparison.

And all by their lonesome- here's what gets me excited about these two.  THEY ACTUALLY APPLY!  So many Nars eyeshadows look gorgeous and then like a bad ex boyfriend, don't pan out.  Oh you try and try and finally give up, because no matter how good they look, if it isn't workin' they's gots to go.  This duo is a keeper.  The blue applied fabulously, the grey took only 2 swipes to get opaque.  This is what Nars eyeshadows should all do.  You hear me Marie-Galante- get to work!

You will love this if you want a solid blue and grey shadow.  It's a great combo and the application is perfect.  I didn't use a primer and even if I rubbed my finger over the swatches they didn't mesh together.  If you have oily lids though, I'd recommend a nude based primer to keep these from going too pastel or chalky.

The picture below shows a teensy bit of the violet in the grey shade description- although it's so slight I wouldn't have called it that.  It's just straight up silver if you ask me.  Lovely though- but let's not be overly fancy about it :)

Boy does it feel good to write a whole-hearted LOVE review on a Nars Eyeshadow.  As much as I am getting a hit and miss with application, I can't help but collect them.  I will keep reviewing and posting to show which ones really are worth it and which ones aren't.  This one is a must try if you find a good deal like on Ebay or on a blog sale.

Since it's not available on Nars' website, here are some dupes:

Indie (samples only $1)
Meow Cosmetics- Donner (Reindeer collectoin)

(doesn't apply teal, more icy blue, very similar to Island Fever's shade)

Meow Cosmetics- Barbados (Caribbean collection)

(a great dupe for a silvery gray)

Department Store/High End 
MAC- Sky Blue (Venomous Villains) 
or if a little more shimmer is wanted, Moon's Reflection (permanent)
MAC- Idol Eyes (permanent) 

Hope you like it- is this one you'd give a try or would a dupe be more your style?  If you like what you see with Meow, use code SHADESOFMEOW for 20% off your order.

Have a great day,

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