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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From Blonde to Brunette: How do I look with dark hair?

Hi there!

I've often wanted to go deep, dark brunette from my golden blonde hair color.  I have Swedish ancestry and grew up with wispy blonde baby hair that slowly went ashy over the years.  The maintenance and damage that blonde hair develops with contant coloring left me wondering if maybe, dark is better.  Dark hair is shiny, lustrous, dangerous.  Blonde can be considered frivolous, careless.....cheap?  Not to mention the cost of highlights, lowlights...shoot just boxed hair dye adds up!

But for me, blonde fits who I am.  It's who I recognize.   It makes me happy and feels youthful and fun.   I thik it's a powerful hair color that gets someone noticed- I love it and find it beautiful and wishing I could be Gwen Stefani in another life.  Power hair is platinum  hair.  But every now and again, I wonder....what would I look like with dark hair?

Here's the result!

I ordered the following wig from Amazon from cool2day:  Curly, Long Ladies Wig in Dark Brown Jf010013 and for under $15 I got this amazing, transformative hair that let me be brunette for a day.

I was worried this would be a Halloween looking wig.  I didn't want to look like a fool with this costumey wig that looked fake and all crazy.

I was nervous to actually order it in the first place.  Wigs have such a bad rap.  They're either for cancer patients or drag queens.  Or for dark skinned ladies who actually can pull them off.  But to me, a housewife and RN student and makeup girl....would it just look dumb?  I wanted to look like me, but with brown hair.

So I said to heck with it and bought it.  It shipped in 2 days (I have Amazon Prime) and after figuring out the wig cap (hello lunchlady hairnet) and snapping the clasp to hold it in place, I was in like Flynn!  Great thing is, the wig is Kanekalon which means it's affordable, not tangly, and not so shiny that it looks like a costume.  I prefer that type of synthetic hair for wigs because it's the most wearable and can be styled (no heat) and it's what is preferred for Cosplay, etc.  I was surprised that for under $20 this beautiful head of hair could look so natural.

After ogling it for a bit, I trimmed the bangs (they kinda hung in my eyes in a bad way, not a Zooey way) and once adjusted a tad so the bangs lined up right- voila!  Insta-brunette!

It didn't squeeze the life out of my head or slide off.  It honestly looked like real hair- it fooled my 16 year old son who said, "Whoah, mom, dark hair!"

Here's the product info from Amazon about my little Brunette-In-A-Basket wig:

Feature:-Excellent Quality straight 100% Japanese Kanekalon (high quality one-) made fiber wig
-You will be amazed by the quality. Wearing it, it can bring you more confidence, and more charm!
-It is both natural looking and soft touch. You can wear it to parties as well as for daily use.
-The size is adjustable and no pins or tape should be required. It should be fit on most people.
-All you should need to do is adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head.
-The item is Easy to wash and care just using a little mild shampoo in cold water.
-This wig features a high-quality "skin top", which gives the wig a look of naturalness and reality. 
Specifications:-Hair material: 100% Japanese Kanekalon (high quality one) made fiber.
-Top Material and design: Adjustable Monofilament Net.
-Color: as the picture
-Length: appr 25")
-Shipping Weight: 0.18kg
-Style: Wave
-Brand new, AAA High quality
-Hair type: We GUARANTEE that the hair we sell is 100% kanekalon fiber.
Package Included:-1x Beautiful Brown Black Hair fashion long Wave wig

I paired the wig with glowy wine and lavender makeup and just clear gloss.  I didn't want to compete with my gorgeous new 'do!

Some other takes- with my kids teasing me about why I dyed my hair off camera.

I had to pull it off for them to believe it was a wig and my daughter wanted to wear it for a while- so it's now done the family tour.

As for the makeup, the lavender eyeshadow I used was Skeptic by Meow Cosmetics and I discovered something wonderful about that color.  Here's Meow's image of the color- isn't that incredible?

If you wet it and foil it onto your lids, it transforms into this gorgeous coral sparkle.  Near my tear duct on my lid, look at how pretty that is!  Uh-mazing!

I took a shot with flash to see if it would show up as well- such a gorgeous color and love how it reflects the light.

Overall I would rate the wig a firm A.  It isn't dense in the back, so I don't know if I could pull off wearing this like it's my hair without my own lumped bun peeking through.  BUT this pretty wig made me feel like a new girl.  I love the sultry, dark waves.  Although it's slightly shiny and I would feel really self-conscious wearing it out, it was a lot of fun to tromp around the house in it.  It's such a treat to have something little bring a spark to your day.   In this case, it's a wild brunette spark I'm loving!

Here's how it looked in brighter sunlight- not bad, eh? Not bad at all!

Products I used for this look:

Cinema Secrets, lightest foundation they have in the concealer palette
MAC Studio Fix Foundation + Powder NW15

Bronzer, Nars Laguna
Blush, Nyx Leopard Wants a Tan Bronzer
Highlight, Nars Albatross

Primer, Silk Naturals Stick 'Em
Inner and outer corners, MAC Cranberry and Deep Damson
Central lid, Meow Skeptic
Center of upper lid and lower lid, Meow Blitzen
Crease, MAC Seedy Pearl
Highlight, MAC Shroom and Dazzlelight
Liner, Urban Decay Perversion (upper lashes only)
Mascara, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme
Brows, MAC Mystery
Lashes, Elise (I don't know...I forgot, sorry!)

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush gloss in Piece of Cake

Have you tried wigs before?  Have you felt like I have, that there's a chance it'll look really dumb and so you don't bother?  I bet there's a hair color you've been dying to try.  I'm going to get a few more wigs and live out my vicarious redhead and honey brunette too- but in the meantime, this was a really fun pick me up.  I can honestly say that I love brunette and now I can be one any time I want- and still be a blonde too.

Sooo....which do you like?  Blonde or brunette?

Have a great day,



Nadja Sand said...

I always say brunette to anyone with pale skin, because the contrast is just so amazing! Dark hair really makes your eyes pop too! I´m debating getting a black wig for myself, just because I dress goth some of the time and would love the drama of black hair, but I really love my natural hair color... I´d love a red wig too, because I suspect that while I might look terrible with black hair, red hair is sure to suit me.

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Nadja! I agree that darker hair really makes pale skin and eyes stand out. I appreciate your comment. Go get a wig for sure- I was surprised at how affordable they were on Amazon. Cool2day seemed to have a great selection. I'd love to see what you pick out.