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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Evil Shades: Neritic, Seraphic, Panic eyeshadows, and Sinister lip gloss Review + Swatches!

Hi there!

I bought these little pots of pink and peach a long ol' time ago- but haven't swatched my pigments.  I have hundreds of colors and they were all in this big plastic bin.  It was sacrilige.  So I dug through, arranged them by company and determined what needed to be swatched.  I'm on a roll!

Evil Shades is a company I can't seem to determine if people love or not.  I have never had an issue with ordering from them and the products I have are wonderful.  Based on my experience, Evil Shades is an indie mineral makeup company to try.  The prices are very reasonable, the website is easy to navigate, and the shipping came to me promptly without spillage and affordably.  

Here are the colors I have to share!  Get ready for some hot pink, peachy sparkle, and crazy emerald green lip gloss!

The picture is off a bit below, because it's not in the same order as above.

From top to bottom, going clockwise:  Sinister lip gloss, Panic eyeshadow, Seraphic eyeshadow, and Neritic eyeshadow.  The names that are still available with Evil Shades I linked to.  Sinister and Neritic are gone.  Poo.

Let me first praise these by saying some pinks/reds irritate my eyes.  I know color formulation varies with indie products as far as fillers, oxides, etc...but these don't bug me.  There is some crazy pink going on and they didn't make my eyes water or feel itchy at all.  Evil Shades, thank you.

Below are swatches foiled with water onto my hand in natural indoor light.

From left to right:  Neritic, Sinister gloss, Seraphic and Panic.

Neritic is a soft silvery pink.  Sinister is a black based gloss with emerald holo shimmer.  Seraphic is a gorgeous peachy coral and Panic is beautiful Barbie pink with peach shimmer.  When I bought these I remember thinking these are my go-to pink/coral shades.  I love them and honestly, I grab them when I want these colors.  Paired with a deep black and Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Had Extensions, they are a total win.

Sorry the photo went wonky, but now it gives a cleaner idea of the texture.  The nice thing about these colors is that they apply true to jar and opaque in one swipe.  That tells me they were formulated well.  I didn't have an issue at all with these colors staying.  They applied this pretty without a primer.  Sweet!

Okay I am in love with Seraphic.  No wonder because a Seraph is an angel...this is an angelic color indeed.

Below is with flash.  The shades do deepen and again, wonderful application.  

 Here's a close-up of Sinister in the jar.  When you look at it, it just appears black with a green cast, but mostly black.  Then if light hits it, the green holo comes out.

I have to admit though that the gloss is a fail.  It applies smoothly, isn't sticky or anything, but the color was extremely patchy.  Take a look below.

I was so jonesing for a nice green shimmery gloss.  That's why I bought it.  If I wanted black lip gloss I would've picked that.  The shimmer is lost with application and that's why this was a miss.  I've not used this at all, used a brush to cleanly apply, so if anyone would like this, I'm happy to send it your way in a swap.  Maybe this is just the thing you're looking for!  I just know I wanted green, not black and it was so hard to get an even coloring that I wasn't impressed.

Okay so after I posted all this, I wanted to link to any other Evil Shades swatches I'd done just to make sure the post was complete.  Then I realized I'd swatched these before.  I am losing it.  I also knew I had some blushes from Evil Shades that I loved....soooo here ya go, some blushes and these shadows again.  Hey, at least I knew I really loved them enough to re-swatch, right?

Evil Shades swatches of these colors and blush in Pinup and Ravishing with GWP eyeshadow Valkyries.  Oh and GWP lip gloss in Cursed Beauty too.

Funny in that post I said the same thing about Sinister being a pass.  Well, at least I'm consistent!  Haha!

Have a great day,


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