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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dupe the Urban Decay Naked palette: Get the Nyx Champagne and Caviar Runway 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette- Review and Swatches! (formerly called Caviar and Bubbles palette)

Hi there!

I've got some yummy neutral goodness to share in the form of 10 eyeshadows designed to make you feel rich, glamorous, skinny, and a native of 90210.  Okay, maybe just glamorous.  Or rich....rich in pigment that is!  Or you can be like me and not care if you're rich but just love makeup. :)

10 Color Eyeshadow Palette from the Runway Collection, Nyx Caviar and Bubbles palette.  It's been renamed to Champagne and Caviar as I guess bubbles wasn't posh enough- like Heather on RHOC would say, Champs!  I picked mine up from Amazon for under $11 HERE.  I'd read the reviews and some love it, some thought it was well, okay...but I wanted to see for myself!

Here are some pictures to enjoy-

No animal testing, however the palette does contain parabens, so if that is a no-no just thought I'd share.

The palette is slightly longer than my palm and each shadow is 1.4 g, a total of 14 g of product.  It's lacquered feeling, so it's shiny, and seems to feel better than just plastic (which it is).  I actually really like it.   

To compare to say, Nars....which each of their shadows is 2g, which makes 4 grams for $34 (the usual Nars duo), this little Nyx baby would cost 3.5 times what it does if a Nars palette (that's $119 in NarsBucks, darlin').  However, is this Nars quality?  I would say emphatically, it's better.  As you know from some of my swatches Nars shadows are hit and miss when it comes to pigment, payoff, and pan comparison (three holy p's of eyeshadow)....but these, oh these are dreamy and apply like caviar...and bubbles!

*if you'd like to see some of my Nars swatches to see what I mean, search Nars Swatch in the sidebar and you'll find many of the duos to check out.  

Okay, so I wouldn't wear caviar on my face and bubbles are light, pop-able, and shiny.... but this name implies such a glam night out I wanted to see if the color lived up to the name.  These shadows are so luxe, I get where Nyx is coming from.  These colors would work well all the way from the office to an incredible night out and would flatter everyone.  It really does work like the best.

The Naked palette from Urban Decay is such a hot seller- UD shadows are really wonderful to work with.  But for $50 not everyone wants to pay that much.  Would I recommend this as a Naked dupe?  Let me see...The Naked has 12 shadows and some colors this palette is missing- like steely gray Gunmetal, wine based dark brown Hustle, sheer gold like Half-Baked, and straight up copper like Smog.  BUT for 1/5 the price....I think it's safe to say that if you wanted a nice, neutral palette to tuck into your sequined clutch, this one is a keeper.  Plus at the bottom of this post I did a little Naked comparisons, please keep tuned to see how it turned out!

Some close ups-

It comes with a duo foam tipped applicator (yuck) that I toss.  But the mirror is good sized, clear, and the casing is sturdy and chic.

Flash below so you can see that none of these are glitter bombs.  Excuse me while I give a dirty side eye to Urban Decay for their overzealous use of glitter.

Swatches are foiled onto my hand without primer (I feel like primer amplifies shadows and I want to see how these work on their own without help).  Photos are taken indoors with natural light and flash will be noted.  I use a Loew-Cornell 245B flat shader #6 for my swatches.

Colors are as you see them in the palette, top row on top, #1-5, finishing with second row, #6-10.

Below is with flash to see some of the gleam on the shadows.  I'm pleased to say they all have decent shimmer but aren't so metallic or frosty that you're struggling to see the color instead of the shine.  Also, the white is a fairly good matte (great MAC Gesso dupe) and none of these were chalky, crumbly, or difficult to get opacity with.  My rating of the color quality is a straight up 9 out of 10.  1 point off because most people think Nyx = cheap makeup...so if it was Dior I'd give it a 10.  But honestly, these work as well as Dior, MAC, UD, or Kat Von D.  I'm really happy to have this little set!

The lighting went cooler for a bit, but here's the pan to swatch comparison.

Below is a photo of the palette with flash.  What I did is pasted the color of the palette image offered online (image below, from Amazon) because I wanted to show the difference between the promo shot of the color and what you'll really receive. I hate it when I think I'm getting cream when what I get is white- hello #6, ya feel me?

BUT I realize computerized matching of a color to the real thing is a hard game to win.  However, maybe this will be helpful for you to see what you think you're getting vs what you'll truly have to work with.  Man alive, #5 isn't even close...yeesh.  But after seeing the beauty of these swatches, this isn't a negative, just something I notice after buying so many cosmetics online.  I love this palette and would buy one for all of you so you could love it too.

OH and one little thing- you want to see how this stacks up against Urban Decay's Naked palette, right?

Just for comparison's sake, here's the Urban Decay Naked palette next to my Caviar + Bubbles swatches.
The Naked looks like a really beautiful set (it is) and seems to have every base covered.  Which I think it does- but could this Nyx 10 palette compare or be a good value?

In regular light, I decided to see if I could dupe the Naked with this Nyx 10 color palette.  Below is how it turned out with some sunlight to show the texture.  The little angled colors coming off the main swatches are Urban Decay Naked shades.

Hard to say which is which, right?!  Here's the breakdown with the Nyx shades being #'d 1-10 and the comparison to the Naked shade angling off the swatch.

Top Row
1.  Dupe for Half Baked and Sin mixed together
2.  No dupe, Naked was darker, matte (which you can see above the shade) but this Nyx shade could be a great dupe for Stila Kitten!
3.  A near dupe for Sin.  Sin is more shimmery and more golden, but the color is very similar.
4.  Dupe for Sin and Virgin mixed together
5.  Less glittery dupe for Sidecar and a more golden version of Naked (but same idea)

Second row
6.  White, no dupe on the Naked palette but shoot, it's white eyeshadow- everyone loves that!
7.  Dupe for Toasted (Toasted is a bit more metallic, but the shade is spot-on)
8.  Dupe for Darkhorse (Darkhorse has a gold metallic edge to it, but Nyx has it down with this one)
9.  Dupe for Sin
10.  Dupe for Creep (sans silver glitter)

As you can see, you don't have to spend $50 to get a workable palette of neutrals to rival the top seller at Sephora.

This Nyx palette has 8 of the 12 shades of the Naked with a white thrown in and by mixing some you get a lot of the variety of neutrals the UD was meant to offer.  My conclusion is that although the Naked palette offers the quality of Urban Decay with a bit more shade complexity and variety, this little $10 palette is a total keeper and has some of the shades in Naked copied almost identically!  It duped the shades I loved most: Sin, Darkhorse, and Toasted and offered a better black than Creep because it didn't have the silver glitter.  Also the Nyx palette is more portable and isn't covered in lint clinging brown velvet.

I hope you give the Nyx palettes, especially this one, a try.  I love MAC and Urban Decay and Nars.  Oh, I do.  BUT I'm finding that Nyx is what I grab a lot when I just want it to work.  Plus I don't have a mental note in the back of my brain saying, "go easy, that baby is expensive!".  With Nyx I get to use it often, pile it on if I want to, and breathe a sigh of relief because if I break it or hit pan- another palette is only $10 away.

Would you pick this up?  Were you as surprised by the UD dupes as I was?  I hope you grab this little 10 color set- it really is a gem!

Have a great day,



Cindy from UBoA said...

Excellent post, so thorough! I need to get my hands on one of these babies! :)

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Cindy! I hope you do. I really loved this palette and was so surprised at the quality of it. Thank you for your comment!

Trish said...

If you're on a budget and considering either the Urban Decay Naked or Naked 2 palettes, I would strongly suggest buying wholesale. With all the counterfeits floating around, it's easy to be duped. One sure way of recognizing a fake is that it doesn't come with any of the extras. For example, the original Naked palette comes with the mini Primer Potion while the Naked 2 palette comes with the mini Lip Junkie lip gloss. If either palette doesn't come with either of these extras, you know automatically that it's a counterfeit. Counterfeits may sell for cheaper, but they're not as pigmented, and the colors don't last as long. And I for one don't feel comfortable spending my REAL money on something counterfeit. However, you can find either of these palettes wholesale for less than $20 USD, and yes, they're the REAL DEAL. I got the original Naked palette for $16.90 USD at http://www.voguemagic.com/urban-decay-naked-palette-full-edition.html and the Naked 2 palette for $16.80 USD at http://www.dhgate.com/new-makeup-12-colors-palette-naked-2-eyeshadow/p-ff808081399451740139af422af76145.html. Keep in mind that these items ship internationally, and it takes a heck of a long time to arrive, but it's definitely worth the wait. So if you don't mind the wait or the risk (especially for international shipping, as a myriad of things can go wrong), then I strongly suggest going wholesale. And the good thing is that both of these sites provide secure payment options, and I'm sure there are other wholesale sites out there, but these were the cheapest, and the products are the REAL DEAL!