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Monday, February 25, 2013

Detrivore Cosmetics: Bruise, Scar, Abnormal, + Swine eyeshadows: Review + Swatches!

Hi there!

courtesy of Detrivore
One company that I feel doesn't get enough love is Detrivore Cosmetics.  They have such a great concept with bugs on the jar stickers, creepy names, and really good formulation.  I have a couple blushes that are to die for pigmented in really unusual colors.  But this post is all eyeshadow lovin' with four shades from Detrivore I think you'll like too.

Here's Detrivore's description of these shades...links to locate product embedded in color name.

Bruise:  Bruise is a dark plum shade. Satin texture and shimmery. Somewhat ugly and distinct. Color number 52.
Scar: Scar is a gorgeous gray pink shade. When applied wet the purple/pink color really pops. Color number 42.
Abnormal: Abnormal is a yellow shadow with a black base. Because the base is black it shows as yellow and green. This color was reformulated because contained a pops mica. Now the color is mostly the same but is a bit more gold-toned than yellow. 
Swine: Swine is a shimmery pale pink eye shadow. This color is one of our few pinks that does not contain carmine.

Here are the jars with the funny little bugs on the stickers- great idea!

Shipping was fast, came with free samples, and none of the products spilled.  5 g jars do not have sifters and come stuffed to the brim with pigment.  Shades are lined up below as they were above:  Bruise, Scar, Abnormal, and Swine.

Swatches were done foiled onto my hand and photographed indoors with natural light.  Here's my take on these 4 lovely shades.

Bruise:  Deep wine based plum with slightly navy cast.
Scar:  Duochrome dirty violet with pink shimmer and grey overtone
Abnormal:  Rich velvety golden forest green
Scar:  (no carmine, wahoo!) Lovely baby pink with golden peach base

I think you could easily do a killer smoky eye with these shades and use Abnormal on the bottom lashline to really kick it up a notch.  I wish I had  more Detrivore to share.  Self-Hint:  Must get more Detrivore.

I included this wonky photo because you get a great visual on how luminous and the lovely di-cast of color you'll get with Scar.  It's like dirty plum, no wait, it's pink...grey?  Oh I love it!

With flash these colors really show off.  Abnormal is as gorgeous of a green as I've ever seen.  For $4 for a full sized jar, that is such a deal.

Don't glance over Detrivore.  They offer incredible products and are so very affordable that you can build up an amazing stash for very little....for example 10 full size shadows for $20- are you kidding?!  Hang on to your knickers, that is such a deal!

Go HERE to see for yourself!  Email them if you see something not available, the owner has always been very friendly and willing to work with customers.  Don't forget the Moth Discount to get 10% off your order of $15 or more by entering the promo 'moth' during checkout.  I don't get a kickback and I bought these items myself, I just wanted to share the Detrivore love and hey, a promo code is always good, right?

If you haven't given Detrivore a try, please do.  I think you'll love what you get.  Here are some other posts showing products I've received from Detrivore.

Samples and Thing blush HERE
A look using the above products HERE

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