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Monday, February 18, 2013

15 Shades of Fyrinnae + Swatches!

Hi there!

I've had these little jars for a while and for some reason thought I'd swatched them when I hadn't.  My other big Fyrinnae swatch post offers 49 shadows and 2 blushes HERE.

Colors in 49 shade post are: Darling Misfit, Princess of Darkness, Freya, Sennyo, Delvian, Mephisto, Snow Bunny, Daemon's Tail, Valhalla, Titania, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Love Potion, Kurisumasu!, Eternal Innocence, Danse Macabre, Aztec Gold, Robot Takeover, Blue Whale, Catrina Cabaret, Sorceress, La Noche, Faerie Glamour, Sleepy Hollow, Javan Rhino, Velvet Vampire, Sluagh, Sugar Skulls, Meerkat, Te Amo, Madame and Eve's, Avenging Salem, Leshii, Biker Chic, Fire Opal, Kung Pao, Fyre and Ice, BBQ Sauce, Avian Shapeshifter, Polar Bear, Damn Paladins, Sacred, Samhain Spirits, Strip Poker, Calavera Cupcakes, Atomic Afterglow, Equality, Pumpkinfire, Immortality, Dinosaur Plushie

This post has 15 shades, all glimmery and gorgeous like only Fyrinnae does them.  Each of these are sample jars which cost around $2.25 each.  I have a few full-size jars of Fyrinnae, but because their samples are so generous I tend to stick with those.  I don't have enough words to say how much I appreciate the color complexity and shade range Fyrinnae offers.  They don't make makeup, they make magic.

Take a look!

I know the picture makes the text look tiny, so here are the shades starting top row to bottom, left to right-

Top row:  Trickery, Purgatory, Shinigami, Pyromantic Erotica
Second row:  The Fancy Lad, Feline Familiars, Conjuror, Sequined Master
Third row:  Dark Fantasy, Dressed To Kill, Evocation, Glitterboi
Fourth row:  Delvian, Elecric Stardust, and Avenging Salem

First two rows, so you can better see the labels.

Last two rows for label eyeballing :)

Here's my almost favorite part.  My most favorite is swatching these little babies.  Each of them is like a jewel box.  You think it's going to be orange, right?  No.  It's gleaming orange with yellow sparks and a green cast.  Then you move it and it gleams gold and red.  I don't know how Fyrinnae does it, but it's like they captured gems and ground them into powder.

Below top row, left to right:
Trickery, Purgatory, Shinigami, and Pyromantic Erotica

Second row, left to right:
The Fancy Lad, Feline Familiars, Conjuror, Sequined Master

Here are shade close up images so you can see the sparkle.  What's amazing though is that my camera doesn't pick up the little sparks of blue or violet that flicker off some of the colors.  Truly, Fyrinnae is best loved in person.

Below the jar is a link if the shade was available as of today on Fyrinnae's website.  Sometimes shades come and go and sometimes the shop is open or not.  It's a bit of hit and miss and some shades have been reformulated or renamed.  I'll just list them as I received them, to be consistent.

Fyrinnae Trickery, Arcane Magic

Fyrinnae Purgatory

Fyrinnae Shingami

Fyrinnae Pyromantic Erotica, Arcane Magic

Fyrinnae, The Fancy Lad
*couldn't find on Fyrinnae's website

Fyrinnae Feline Familiars, Arcane Magic
*not on the website either

Fyrinnae Conjuror, Arcane Magic

Fyrinnae Sequined Master, Arcane Magic
*also not available

Just for fun, here are the open jars with flash before I get to the swatches.  Pretty!

The swatches are in order of the jars, but I'll retype them because I think it helps keep track of which is which, without having to scroll up and down *annoying*.

Here go!

Top row, from left to right:
Trickery, Purgatory, Shinigami, and Pyromantic Erotica

Second row, from left to right:
The Fancy Lad, Feline Familiars, Conjuror, Sequined Master

Below are closer looks at the shades.  Here's how I describe them:

Top row:
Trickery:  golden taupe with holo shimmer and green cast
Purgatory:  simmering brick red with metallic fire
Shinigami:  Royal purple with holo glitter
Pyromantic Erotica:  Vibrant yellow orange with gold shimmer

The seond row, all stacked up:
The Fancy Lad:  Bubble gum pink with silver shimmer
Feline Familiars:  Bronzed chocolate brown with violet sparks (pretty!)
Conjuror:  Icy dark purple mauve with a deep taupe base with violet and green sparks (weird brown lavender kinda with a green hue, very complex)
Sequined Master:  Dark dirty purple with a grey base and holo glitter

I put so many images so that you can see how they shift in the light.  The Arcane Magic shadows (which some of these are) do have a bit of a duochrome effect.  Out of these I love Purgatory, Pyromantic Erotica, and Feline Familiars.

Below with flash is truly how they look- so complex and pretty.

The last grouping out this bunch are super sparkly and pretty!  Open jars with flash show some of the glitter that sparks right off these little pots of wonder.  

More close-up jar shots because you can't have too much flashy glitter, right?  Naaaah....

Last but not least, one by one with links to the shade if it's available still online.  Remember these are samples.  About 1/3 of a teaspoon and are usually $2.25 each.  Full size are $6.80 and come jam packed in a 5 gram jar.

Fyrinnae Dark Fantasy, Arcane Magic
Fyrinnae Dressed To Kill

Fyrinnae Evocation, Arcane Magic

Fyrinnae Glitterboi, Arcane Magic

Fyrinnae Delvian*couldn't find this one as well...shoot.
Fyrinnae Electric Stardust, Arcane Magic

Fyrinnae Avenging Salem
*no esta as well.  Sorry guys!

These swatches were so opaque and lustrous, it was like swatching silk onto my hand.  All of my swatches in this post were foiled with water, no primer and photographed indoors in natural light.  Crazy they glow like this with a little water and sunlight.

Top row, from left to right:
Dark Fantasy, Dressed To Kill, Evocation, Glitterboi

Second row, from left to right:
Delvian, Electric Stardust, and Avenging Salem

My take on these colors are-

Top row:
Dark Fantasy:  rich, deep emerald taffeta green with crazy holo shimmer
Dressed to Kill:  metallic olive with gold sparks
Evocation:  Smoky pale taupe
Glitterboi:  Metallic fierce royal blue loaded with holo glitter/shimmer (pretty!)

Second row:
Delvian:  Vibrant periwinkle with violet cast and sparks
Electric Stardust:  Mint/frosty mint duochrome with silve shimmer
Avenging Salem:  Dark royal purple wine with holo glitter/shimmer (pretty!)

Look how wonderfully opaque Dark Fantasy, Dressed to Kill, and Glitterboi are- wowza!

Above you can see that Electric Stardust is more mint green whereas below it's a more icy aqua white.  The Arcane Magic shadows sure do shift around!

The last two are with a flash to try and capture the intensity of Avenging Salem and Delvian.  You can see some of the gold sparks in Dressed To Kill, such a great olive green.

If you've not ordered from Fyrinnae, please do and let them know you saw some swatches here.  I know they like to hear how their products get advertised or shown and I'm happy to show what I have.  I don't receive any kickback at all, just trying to share the Fyrinnae love.

If you want to see more Fyrinnae swatches, I have loads!  My swatch page lists all of the shades I've done so far, as arranged by company in alphabetical order.  You'll see Lip Lustres by Fyrinnae there and Pixie Epoxy and some blushes...but if you want eyeshadow swatches, here go:

Misc Eyeshadows (Atomic Afterglow, Polar Bear, BBQ Sauce, Meerkat, Avian Shapeshifter, Fire Opal, Sennyo, Aztec Gold, Meerkat, Titania, and 2 blushes in Charm and Hypnotize)

I wasn't kidding when I said I loooove Fyrinnae.  I have 291 jars of Aromaleigh and 74 jars of Fyrinnae- following that I probably have more eyeshadows with Urban Decay.  Oh, my poor husband, lol.  

Anyhow, hope this helps you decide on some shades, but I promise no matter what you pick, you will love them!  Which ones out of this post caught your eye?

Have a great day,



NarsCupcake said...

who great swatches. Which ones are your faves??

Baroque In Babylon said...

@NarsCupcake, thanks! I would have to say my faves are: Purgatory, Dressed to Kill, Dark Fantasy, and Glitterboi. It's so hard to choose. Which ones do you like?

Makeup Zombie said...

Great swatches! Fyrinnae is the awesome!

NarsCupcake said...

I havent purchased any yet. I am going to thank you for this post

Lorraine said...

Love Love Love ! When Ollie's at school, I'm going to open all the links to your swatches and do some serious drooling !