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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Playing Peekaboo with Nars Eyeshadow Duo Marie-Galante: Review + Swatch

Hi there!

A pearlized shimmer of lavender and a whisp of silvered blue, ah a color combo made in heaven.  In every swatch this little duo was calling my name.  Which one, you ask?  Since Marie is my middle name it was destiny, or my makeup hoarding in full swing....either way, I couldn't help it.  

The name and shades reminds me of Marie Antoinette, petit fours, and Paris.  

Nars calls this little beauty "iridescent orchid and iridescent regal blue".  I call it gorgeous!  Here's the back of the rubber compact which comes with two 2g pans of shadow, retail price of $34.00 for the duo.

Slight irk, when I received mine, it had this weird clump of shadow on the blue side, bottom left, 8 o'clock.  It wasn't a crumble, it was like spillover.  It didn't affect the shadow quality, but OCD as I am with visuals, I didn't like it.  It. Must. Be. Perfect.

Also the Nars insert (clear plastic with NARS on it in slim black text) left a smudge of glue like a bad pimple between the eyes on the pan.  Thankfully, I'm also easily distracted and all the shimmer had me mesmerized and the glue troubled me no more.

Here's a close up of iridescent orchid.  Some google searching found several examples of this shade in use....take a look!

 and my personal fave.....um....yeah.

Don't order that dress yet!  Here's Marie-Galante beginning with the lighter shade and last up, the blue!

Shimmering magical lavender!  And that blue looks mighty regal indeed.

 Swatches on my hand, natural light, UDPP.  Pan comparison for your viewing pleasure.


So pretty, right.  Oh yes they is!

Now here's the bitter pill about this duo.  They are sheeeeer, sheer, sheer!  I couldn't build these up to save my life!  The top swatches are the whiz-bang-AMAZING layered ones you want this duo to look like.  The bottom ones are like your 8th grade school photo....not exciting, but oh, the potential and sadlly, the reality.

The top swatches are like 15 layers, over primer.  Full on spackle.  The bottom are 3-4 lines, without primer.  Why, Nars, why?  It seems like the more duos I get there's a downside.  For $34 these eyeshadows need to sing and take me out to dinner.  I love ogling the pan, but I also want to wear them....so if you pick this duo up, be prepared, you'll be layering for a while.

Alrightey, would I buy this again?  Um...no.  I hate to even type that.  It sounds like sacrilege.  BUT, if the payoff was as impressive as the pan, this would wuv, twue wuv.  However, considering the non-opacity, the need to build and have a primer....I'm just not thrilled.

If I were you, wondering whether this was worth it or not, save your clams and get some indie or these options instead (sorry, Nars we're still besties, k?):

Dupe for iridescent orchid:  MAC Stars N' Rockets (doesn't apply this pink, I promise)
Dupe for regal blue:  Lauress cosmetics Eventide

Do you own Marie-Galante?  Would you pick it up?  I love how it looks, but like a beautiful but snooty woman, the duo just isn't as wonderful as it appears and doesn't look good enough to justify the rest of it.  I'm hoping Nars figures out their formulations or gives more info on application so we makeup loving girls/guys can enjoy their products 100% complaint free. 

Have a great day,


Lorraine said...

That's a shame about the application, it looks so pretty, even in the heavily layered ones.... I think I'll wait before investing in NARS !

Baroque In Babylon said...

I was so disappointed in the payoff of this duo! SO bummed! It looked so gorgeous and then it was like trying to pull teeth to get a decent patch of color. Bah. I love NARS blushes, but the duos are really hit and miss.

On The Dressing Table said...

Fab review, thanks :) its great to see so many good pictures and swatches.
Anna x


Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you Anna!