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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nars eyeshadow duo Rajasthan: Review + Swatches

Hi there!

I'm loving Nars for so many reasons.  One, you don't have to have a cart of at least $150 to get free shipping if you have a pro discount and two, their colors inspire the same emotion as a night in Paris- swooning perfection!  I love the eyeshadow duos and here's my all-time-fave for a gorgeous smokey eye:  Rajasthan.

The name Rajasthan refers to a state in the Republic of India known as the "land of kings" (thank you, Wikipedia) and it's such a sultanously sultry shade of colors- I indeed feel royal when I wear it.

If you dream of liquid black liner, soft fabrics in fuchsia and orange, and dream of nights filled with jasmine- then this is made for you.  The left shade is a silky cashmere gold with a touch of darker bronze as a base.  It'll apply like a taupe with a dark gold undertone.  The right shade is a charcoal grey that flashes green in bright light but applies like a sooty black.

You can layer the dark shade on your lid and blend the lighter shade up through the crease for a smokey eye, or use the lighter shade on your lids and rim the eyes with the darker shade to get that gorgeous peek-through-a-veil effect like Rachel McPhee had at the 2013 Golden Globes.  Add a bit of MAC Soft Brown to the crease with a nude beige pink liner and there you have it!

Rajasthan is a beautiful duo for a neutral eye with a color to set your liner or can be taken to a night on the town.  Because of it's versatility, I rank this as one of my top 10 shadows I love.

Here's close ups of the product in the pan, left is natural light, right is with a flash.

 Below swatches are over UDPP on my hand, indoor light without flash.

Above is a close up with flash, showing the metallic sheen the left shade has- taking the taupe to a deep, antiqued gold.

I can always count on Nars' products to apply 'as you see them'.  Sometimes a color will surprise you.  You'll get a good swatch going and suddenly it applies and you think, "What the heck?  It wasn't supposed to look like that!"  But with Nars, what you see is what you get and I appreciate that.

Below with flash

 The final shot is a blending of the two together, to get an idea of what you'll see as you smooth the shades towards each other.  It's a glistening, golden bronze with a whisp of charcoal that is so universally flattering.  Beautiful!

Sadly the color isn't part of their permanent line, but was part of their Fall 2010 release.  If you can find it, I recommend you pick it up- you won't be disappointed.  A great dupe for this is Jordana's color effects eyeshadow duo in Smoky Jade, available HERE.  Either way, a combo of golden taupe and teal flecked black is a win-win.  Who doesn't want to look like an Indian princess?  With Rajasthan, even for a pale blonde like me- it's as close as I can get and I am in love.

Have a great day!


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