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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Misfit: Review + Swatches!

Hi there!

This little palette has my all-time-no-regrets FAVORITE green eyeshadow ever.  Ever.  It's a vibrant gorgeous shimmery snake green that goes on opaque, stays on, and best of all, it's this beautiful almost blued out green that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

$34.00 for 4 grams, cost equal to a MAC eyeshadow, and comes in a wee rubbery compact with a mirror.  The pans are large and can I say again, that I LOVE this green?

The paler shade on the left is a silky ivory champagne, the green is a vibrant teal blue mixed with kelly green and had a baby to make this gorgeous green.

Swatches are indoors, over UDPP, natural light.


Here's my thoughts on this duo.  Would I buy it again?  Yes, for the green.  The ivory shade however, let's dish on that one.  Below you can see how these shadows pick up on one swipe.  Not super crumbly, buttery, and opaque.  However, swatching this over a primer was murder.  It wouldn't show up.  I used a white base, nude base, and the only one that gave it any love was a black and brown base.  Then you got a nice pearl finish that was really pretty.  So my conclusion is if you're looking for a nice shade comparable to say, MAC Ricepaper or Blanc Type, just stick with those.  BUT if you need a gorgeous green in your life, this duo is worth it.  There aren't enough praise-words for this green gem.

 Here you compare pan vs. skin

 There is a bit of gold reflect in the light with the green but it's a pretty saturated color, not a duochrome.  It's just very vivid, Sugarpill bright and wonderful to work with.  I want to pair it with a nude eye as a tightline and see how it turns out.

I would buy this again, but the pale ivory color is a tiny let-down.  It's frustrating to work with and doesn't apply like 1/2 of a $34.00 palette should.  The green is gorgeous, but is it $34.00 worth of pretty?  If you already buy shadows like Chanel, Guerlain, and Dior- then this isn't too heavy for your wallet.  If you are more budget friendly- go indie.  A close although slightly lighter and more aqua is Meow's Wild Child color in Sexy Pants-

Very, very similar to Nars but with a holo iridescence that is very pretty.  A great swatch/review is HERE courtesy of Swatchfreak's blog.  What a name, love it.

Are you as weak in the knees for this green as I am?  Would you go Nars or Meow?  I'm always debating in my head on high end vs. budget friendly and frankly, sometimes money spent doesn't equal a great product.  However, the green in Misfit is a wonderful one and you won't be disappointed.  The payoff is fabulous, texture is smooth and long-wearing, and if you collect Nars, this is one to pick up.

Have a great day,


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