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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Bouthan, Spring 2013: Review + Swatches!

Hi there!

Let me introduce the eyeshadow duo from Nars' Spring 2013 line- Bouthan!
With an assortment of items like blush, a single shadow, nail polish etc, Nars offered a new eyeshadow duo in pale pink and gilded magenta to kick off 2013.  Named after an area in the Himalayas,  this eyeshadow duo is sure to please if you're into pink.

Below is my little compact, starting with the rubbery case and weight.  I purchased mine online at www.narscosmetics.com and this retails for $34.00.  It's 4 grams, which equals about $17.00 per shadow, or 2 grams each.  

This picture shows the darker shade on the left when in truth, the darker shade is on the right (I just flipped the photo).  You can see the gold glitter in the magenta shade, whereas the paler color is a soft, ivory pink.

 This is more true to what you'll see in the pan- pale on the left, deep on the right.

Below, with flash

Swatches were natural light, on my forearm, with Nyx eyeshadow base in white.  Here's the kicker with this duo- the dark shade is buildable, but the pale shade is very, very light.  If you have a deeper skin tone, I could see this showing up quite well, but perhaps being very pale pink and a near white.  On my skin tone (NC15, MUFE 115) it hardly showed up and these swatches are 6-7 layers thick.

Below with flash

The gold glitter doesn't pick up upon application with the darker shade- even though it appears so in the shots below.

For color comparison, I could see the pale pink being a cross between MAC Yogurt and Gesso whereas the deeper pink is unique.  It's almost a blush color with gold glitter.  I have some indie makeup shades from Aromaleigh's Valentine collection that are close.

The paler shade almost goes lavender in some light and the deep magenta can turn raspberry.  It's a lovely color shift, but not necessarily a duochrome.  They simply catch light in a complicated way.

Overall, I wouldn't purchase these shades again.  To pay nearly $15 a pan, you'd expect these to 'wow'!  These leave me going a bit 'meh'.  The pale shade took so many coats to build, I lost interest in getting payoff.  The bright pink shade is pretty- but for the price I could've bought the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca palette all over again to get a bright pink AND then some!  So, unless you're dying for this duo, skip it.

My other beef is the whole pink eyeshadow conundrum.  Pink can make me look like I've been crying or ill- and thankfully these don't go into some weird pink-eye territory, but it's a costly duo for what truly turns out to be rather mediocre pink shadow.  I'm finding some of my Nars duos are crazy intense when applied and some look gorgeous in the pan and mute terribly when in use.  This is one of those.  You could've had cotton candy pastel pink and a BANG glittery pink- but instead you get that to look at, not wear as these don't apply well.  Not sure why this is- they pick up loads when passed over with a brush- but the color intensity just isn't there.  Even with a primer, or foiled, or layered.  Nars, work with me- if you're going to cost this much, be worth it.

If you want pink, try MAC's Yogurt, Seedy Pearl, Sushi Flower, or Da Bling.  Or for the cost, grab a Coastal Scents 88 palette and use the pinks from that.  The cost is equivalent, but you'll get more bang for your buck.

Would you pick this eyeshadow duo up?  I hate to say it, but this one might be a drawer sitter- where I'm glad I have it, but it doesn't get much love.

Have a great day,



Robyn said...

These are very pretty shades, but I agree - probably not worth the money and I'd head indie first!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Robyn- I agree with you. I'm not loving the price and I would return it but I like the dark pink color enough to hang on to it. Indie never disappoints me but some high end brands sometimes do.