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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nars Eyeshadow Duo Eurydice: Swatch + Review + Look

Hi there!

I am a sucker for deep, smudgy eyeshadow colors.  I am a bigger sucker for pink.  Combine the two and you get a gorgeous pairing for a smoky eye- Nars Eurydice eyeshadow duo.

This is such a tricky review to do because the colors aren't what they seem.  You'd think you'd get charcoal and raspberry, right?  But blue duochrome ruddy brown?  Or deep black and silver?  Truth is, you get all of those options.  Let's take a look at this little duo I can't seem to pin down.

Described as 'electric aubergine and graphite' (Oh Fran├žois, you artiste) I thought I'd share Pantone's version of 'Aubergine' ........um, it's a bit of a beet-ish purpley eggplant, no?
Here's the pan for a comparison.  I'm not sure what Aubergine electrified would be, but Nars says it looks like this:

4 g for $34.00 which is $9 per shadow.  About what you get with MAC and about the same price.  Are they worth it?  I say yes.  I get a discount on mine with my pro account- but this duo is worth every aubergine cent.  Take a big peek!

See those little flecks of violet?  It's crazy how this color can go from straight up bit-lip pink to a purple to seriously, a brownish shade.  I just love the complexity of it.

Now not to give the graphite color a snub, it is lovely yes, but it is what it is- silvery blackened grey.  Here are some swatches (over UDPP) on my arm, natural light indoors.

That violet fire is gorgeous!  Now, before you get all excited, I hate to say it, but it doesn't really show up when you put it on.  For me on my frog-belly-white skintone it plays up brown.  To get this much detail with the swatches, I had to layer 9-10 full swipes with my brush, wet.  It's not that it isn't a rich opaque color, it just tends to ruddy up and not be that beautiful color you see right now.  Keep reading and the look I did with this duo will show what I mean.

See what I mean!  Below is Eurydice- the aubergine shade is actually on the center of my lid and blended up into the crease.  The graphite color is at either corner of the eye.  Can you see the duochrome?  Me, neither.

You can kinda see it below- but this was waaay up in my eyeball.  I don't see it in the mirror.  That's my big gripe with this duo.  It doesn't pay like you think it will.  Not that it isn't beautiful and unique and wearable- it just doesn't equal shade-wise on the skin what you get in the pan.  Now maybe with olive skin it might be different.  I've even foiled to see if that helped, but alas....below is about what I get every which way I try.

Oh Aubergine, where did you go?

Full face, all kinds of Nars goodness.

Below you can really see the brown take you get.  Quite nice, just unexpected.  Okay I'll get over it now.

Products I used for this look:

MAC Studio Fix Concealer NC15, blended on T-zone, Sigma F84 brush

Powder, MAC Studio Finish Powder plus Foundation, NW15, MAC 187 brush
Bronzer, NYX Bronzer in When Leopard Gets a Tan, MAC 187 brush
Highlight, Nars Albatross, pressed with Sigma F84 brush

Primer, see concealer
Nars Eurydice duo, Aubergine on lid to crease, blended upward, MAC 239 brush
Nars Eurydice duo, Graphite on inner and outer corners and blended toward the center, Sonia Kashuk blending brush
Nyx When Leopard Gets a Tan bronzer, blended onto crease and up towards browbone, Sonia Kashuk blending brush
Liner, MAC Eye Kohl in Raven, tightline, upper lashline, waterline, pencil
Lashes, Elise #331
Mascara, L'Oreal Telescopic in Black

Contour, Nyx When Leopard Gets a Tan Bronzer, MAC 187 brush
Blush, Nars Orgasm, rounded part of cheeks only, MAC 187 brush

Lipstick, MAC lipstick in Love Goddess
Lipgloss, MAC lipglass in Perky

Things I'm loving today:  Peanut butter bars that are ruining my fitness goals, chevron tights, mint nail polish, and inkjoy pens- they just write nicely. :)

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