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Thursday, January 31, 2013

MAC Spring 2013: Year of the Snake Collection

Hi there!

MAC's almost simultaneous release of Archie's Girls almost occludes the gorgeous possibilities of Year of the Snake.  Not to mention it's all repromotes....the packaging, the concept, I like it so much more than Archie's Girls (I mean, who reads that anymore anyway).  But alas, it is a gorgeous little collection, if you're inclined to jewel tones and textured products.

Below are my faves- the embossed python-esque lipsticks and the beautiful packaging.  The color scheme is sumptuous and again, I wish this had gotten more promotion than an almost repromoted afterthought of Archie's Girls.

Here's the goods!

Image courtesy of Google
Image courtesy of Google

The eyeshadows are the larger size and metallic in finish, Aztec Brick is my pick of the lot and is a shimmering copper gold.  

Image courtesy of Google

Engraved Power Point pencil is making a double release appearance this Spring, but I stick with Feline, not as smudgy.  

Image courtesy of Google

The pigments are beautiful, a blazing fuschia and deep royal purple-  Push the Edge being the purple pick over the panned eyeshadow in Altered State from this collection.  

Image courtesy of Google

The lipsticks are beautiful, all rempromotes and feature a nude (Freckletone), classic berry/plum (Plumful), and red (Cockney)- all permanent collection items.  I would go with Cockney because red and snake pattern are just a lovely combo.  Check the permanent line every time an LE comes out, often the permanent shade is cheaper and the packaging often disappointingly isn't special with the LE, so why pay more for the same thing, right?

Image courtesy of Temptalia

The star of this collection though is the Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl, best known as part of the Liberty of London collection.  It's a bit weird that the Betty Flatter Me Pearlmatte powder from Archie's Girls is also Shell Pearl with blush hearts in the color Foolish Me.  So if you buy the Year of the Snake Beauty Powder AND Flatter Me, you're essentially getting the same item in different packaging and teensy little blush hearts that won't transfer color-wise enough to make having two of the shades Shell Pearl worth it.  What I did was order the YOTS Beauty Powder (it's cheaper) for the texture, and the Veronica's Blush Pearlmatte Powder to maximize color choices.  

Do you plan to order anything from Year of the Snake?  I only bought the Shell Pearl Beauty Powder.  I'm on the fence about Aztec Brick and Cockney, because I like the eyeshadow and the texture of the lipstick and need a good red from MAC.

Tell me if you are looking at getting anything or your thoughts on the repromote/double color release of shades with YOTS and Archie's Girls.  Like a lot of you out there, I wish MAC would be totally original with their LE, make it in unique packaging and release like 3 a year- not this repromote, 8 collections biz.

But that's my little drop in the beauty world bucket of opinions.  Share yours with me and feel free to comment below.

Have a great day!


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