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Sunday, January 27, 2013

MAC foundation, blush, liner haul for NC15- Dainty blush, Studio Finish NC15 concealer, Tarnish eye pencil, and Studio Fix powder NW15

Hello there!

I wanted to share a MAC haul from December.  I try to keep up with haulage here and there, but sometimes I get busy with school and then bam, 4 months later I'm like, "Oh heeey, here's what I bought last spring!"

I wanted some goodies to finish my face and a refill on concealer/powder.  Here's my picks!

Dainty Mineralize Blush, rated 4.4 on Makeup Alley and a sweet floral pink with a gold glimmer.  Not as peachy pink as Nars Orgasm and not as bright pink as Fleur Power..it's a versatile pink for pretty much any cheek.  $23.50 for 3.5 g and comes in the standard MAC compact.

 Mine didn't have a lot of veining or 'gold pearl' so to speak, but the mineralize finish applies so nicely, this is easily a fave.  I've read several ladies saying the MUA at MAC almost snickers if you don't own this.  Well, blush snobbery aside, it is that lovely.  If you're debating on which blush to buy next- give Dainty a little love.

Next haularoo item is Tarnish Eye Kohl.  It's a deep, foresty, sooty green that translates into dark green almost black.  There is some gold shimmer in there, but not enough to worry you if you're anti shimmer in eyeliner.

This I saw Karen rave about on Makeup and Beauty Blog (love her, she's my wish-I-could-have-lunch-with-you blogger).  After reading how much she loved it, I picked it up.

Tarnish is rated 4.5 on Makeup Alley and is $15.00 for 1.36 g.  It's not soft like a Pearlglide, but does apply deeply, but not as inky deep as say, Feline.  I have to run over the skin a few times to get a nice, opaque line.  MAC has several liners to choose from and my impression is the Eye Kohl liners are blackened, deeper shades but the pencil itself applies like a standard eye pencil.  My only beef is that I wish it applied darker and more green.  What you want is a sexy forest green smoky liner- what you get is a dark charcoal color.  See my writing swatch below to get the gist of it.

Where's the green?!  Soooo if you want a blackish-kinda green liner, this is great.  It does impart some green.  However, if you're looking for a smudgy, sultry deep green liner, try Jade Way Technakohl liner instead.

Below is Tarnish, all by its lonesome, on my hand in natural light.

Next up is my big ol' Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation compact in NW15.  I went NW instead of NC because I wanted a slightly more pink edge to it.  I veer between pink and yellow undertones and didn't want everything to have such a yellow base.

$27.00 for 15 g, it comes in a dense black compact with a mirror, flip pan, and a sponge (which I don't use).  It's a bit domed for a compact, so it stacks with your Skinfinishes nicely.

 There's something rather lovely about an unused pan.  The little etched lines, the wondering how the product is going to work....ahh!  New product smell!

Okay, not so much- but I do love a fresh pan of makeup.  This one is good size for a large powder brush, doesn't crumble in your purse, and has a good size mirror for application.

Yes, $27 is kinda nuts for a compact, but this baby delivers.  I can use this to set foundation or I can use it as a base over moisturizer.

It doesn't look too matte, tends not to cake, and is large enough to last a year, even with daily use.  I love this and it's the powder I reach for when I need something dependable.

A little peek at the mirror and approximate pan size, just enough to fit into your palm.  I've also used this wet and stippled and it applies similar (but not as 'heavy') as a Ben Nye cake foundation and doesn't gunk up the pan after you wet it either.  Makeup Alley gives it a 3.7.  Complaints were that the product could cake with flawed skin, oxidize with skin oils, and be heavy.  For me, being 35 and having lines, dry-ish skin with a normal T-zone, and fairly decent skin tone, I use this all the time and really like it.  To get rid of the over powdered look, I spray some Fix+ and I'm good.  I also don't pile it on with a trowel.  Go easy and you'll get good coverage all day.

My last item was the Studio Finish concealer in NC15.  I wavered between the tube one and this one.  I'm glad I went with this one.  One, I hate tubes.  I feel like 1/2 the product stays in the tube and unless I do surgery on it during it's dying days, I'll throw a bunch of product away.  This little pan comes in mini compact, the product is a bit gummy/dense, but it works I'd say fairly well.

I have lines a bit under my eyes and some RN school eye circles and this makes them go away fairly well.  It's not a scar/tattoo/birthmark covering worthy product, but it does work well for every day use.  I do have to use a few layers to cover blemishes and some dark spots I have, but I like it pretty well.  It's not like In n' Out burger love, but it'll do.

Makeup Alley rates this baby 3.9 out of 5, mainly because it's thick.  It is dense as it is emollient based, so it's creamy, but it's not thin or watery in the slightest- which I prefer.  Use this in layers, blend with a nice big concealer brush (Sigma P86 is my pick) and you'll probably turn to this every day like I do.

Some further thoughts if you are debating on which MAC concealer to get.  This one is not for you if you don't need full concealing.  It's texture is opaque and won't be like a tint at all.  The Select Cover Up (tube) seems to be a big hit if you want a little less, um spackle.  But for me, I can apply this quite lightly with a wet sponge or brush and it thins out beautifully without losing it's cover-up oomph.  

A leetle tip:  If you want to save some cash over time, buy the Full Coverage Foundation....it's the exact same product (minus the titanium dioxide/SPF) but in a compact sized pan, 28 g for $30.00 versus the Studio Finish Concealer which is 7 g for $18.00.  This concealer obviously then works as foundation, but if you use a lot, buy the bigger pan.

Well that's my recent(ish) MAC haul!  I've got Nars coming up and Fyrinnae and lots more!  Hope you had a lovely weekend and that Monday is kind to you.  

Have a great day,

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