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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Illamasqua Spring 2013: I'MPERFECTION Collection

Hi there!

Illamasqua just released their Spring 2013 collection called I'MPERFECTION!  I love the theme of this- springy, eggshell speckled varnishes, green lip gloss, and blush duos!  Yeehaaw!  The play on words for imperfectin/I'm perfection speaks to us all, I think.  I always love how Illamasqua makes me feel like I'm a work of art because the cosmetics are offered in that way- beauty as art, not convention or expectation.  LOVE.

This collection invites you to embrace your unique beauty, the little things that might be mislabeled as flaws, or maybe they're the imprint of who you are.  Illamasqua always embraces anything outside the box and I love the imagery they produce.  Always unique.  Always cutting edge.  

Here's the collection, from the website:

Collection launch photos

That acid green lipgloss in Shoot is gorgeous.  Like spring grass!

What a beautiful model.  Her nutmeg lipsick is beautiful and look at the artistry with the brow.

The texture below is so pretty.  The cheeks look modeled with earth and the nail polish are like easter eggs- little speckled gems.

I love the sharp edge of the cupid's bow.  Beautiful technique.

Are you looking at anything from this collection?  I'm loving the nail varnishes.  Oh Illamasqua, such pretty pictures- thank you for inspiring me today!

Have a great day,


Lorraine said...

True, marketingwise, they are SO in a different league to most brands :) Got your package this morning, thank you Tianne ♥ By the way, can we have some looks with those NARS beauties please :)

Baroque In Babylon said...

I'm happy you got it! I owe you some M&M's too! I will do some Nars looks this coming week, happy to :)