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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fabulous False Lashes from Madame Madeline: Discount Code + Haul!

Hi there!

Oh I love false eyelashes.  They take every single makeup look and max it out.  I appreciate them on my face because I have small eyes with rather sparse and short lashes.  I remember reading Catherine Zeta-Jones describe her eyes as 'pee-holes in the sand' eyeballs and I thought yes, that's me too!

Falsies rescue me from sand hole territory and give me those wonderful Cinderella eyes that make everyone do what I want just because I blinked.  Or so I wish.

To help out my short and sparsies, Madame Madeline is lash heaven.  They offer great prices, fast shipping and 8% off with the coupon code FALSIES.  I have a link on the right sidebar that takes you to their site.  Check out their discount codes, specials, and the Red Cherry lashes start at $1.99! SWEET!

Here's my last order:

Elise Lashes #403, black feathery strips with long feather edges $3.75  (made by the OEM for MAC and Shu Uemura- Aha!  It fits my one-factory-makes-all theory, those tricksy lash makers)

Elise Faux Lashes #121 $3.25 Rhinestones aaaand stars?  Yes, please.

Elise Faux Eyelashes #154 $2.45 (my favorites, ever)  They have gold and silver fabric on top- so chic.  Like the cool girl I want to be.

Ardell WildLash Beautiful $3.49 These have little triads of rhinestones over spiky almost demi lashes.  I want to pair these with a nude eye.

Please don't be intimidated by false eyelashes- they take some practice to apply.  I use Duo adhesive/lash glue but it's messy and and like me, if glue isn't your thing, try Fantabulash adhesive strips- see HERE for my post on the eyelash glue alternative, which I like and use.  The trick to glue is to not be afraid it'll seal your eye shut (it's pretty much liquid latex like for makeup prosthetics in a small tube) and let it get tacky on the lash strip by waiting 10 seconds after you apply it before placing on  your lashline.  Use tweezers to tap down the corners and don't be nervous, it just takes practice to get it right.  Once you have it, babe you're set!

False lash love aside, I appreciate Madame Madeline for my lashes because they have a huge selection, shipping is very reasonable, and for about $15 with shipping, I can get about 8 pairs of lashes- serious deal.  They also throw in a free pair with every $20 order if you type in FREEBIE in the message box (not promo code box) at checkout.  I just love finding websites that are no fuss and MM fits the bill.  I don't buy my lashes anywhere else.

Hope this is a great lash resource for you too.  Let me know if you order and what kind of service experience you have.  I've not had any issues and always have a fast 1 week turnaround time from ordering. Hope you enjoy them too- happy lash shopping!

Have a great day!

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