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Monday, December 31, 2012

Product Review: Fantabulash

Hi there!

Have you ever wondered if there were options for false lashes besides glue?  Based on experiences with adhesive allergies and conditions like alopecia (hair loss) that make eyelashes a requirement, Fantabulash was developed to hold lashes on all day, prevent allergic reactions that present with glue, and give you full, comfortable lash wear without the mess!

I was approached by the company to try their products and offer my opinion on my blog and to be featured in their promotional video.  I'm proud to say I've lost 40+ lbs since the video, but my opinion is exactly the same.  Once you get down how to apply the adhesive tape (in lieu of glue, hey there's a slogan!) your lashes will hold even in water, workouts, and New Year's Eve parties too.  Seriously, these babies work!

Take a look at the video (I'm on there, cringe cringe using my jade stone to keep the glue cool as a comparison and as an interview...makeup of main model by me- she's the brunette in the bottom right corner during intro with dancers and blows hair out of her eyes).  What a fun time it was to film this!


How it works is that you get little strips of 'tape' which were developed along the same lines as a removable surgical adhesive, peel off the backing, apply to your strip lashes, press and go!

I've used these myself and it's a lot easier than glue.  No 10-second wait time for glue to tack up, no drip, no weird glue smell, and these hold lashes on.  I've used them with invisiband lashes and plain strip lashes and crazy plastic lashes.  The nice thing is, it keeps your lashes from wearing out as fast.  Glue is a pain to clean if you want to re-use your false lashes.  But with this, you get at least twice the wear.

30 day supply is $14.00 and you can get lashes with them as well for $18.00.  Here's how you apply them:

Would you try these as an alternative to glue?  I sure like them and I hope you give them a go.  I will say it's a bit tricky to get the tape on at first, but with anything worthwhile, practice makes perfect.  I think it's a brilliant idea and the only option out there besides self-adhesive lashes or glue.  

Let me know if you try this out and feel free to tell them you were referred by me.  I don't get a kickback, so share away!

Take care,

*product supplied with lashes for promotional use, all opinions 100% my own

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Hi :) i'm italian :)) i just want to know how you can Remove it.
Thanks xoxo