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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My After Christmas Wish List

Hello there!

So the tree is getting wilty and the packages have all been opened- Christmas is officially done.  BUT I still have things I'd love to get all gussied up in ribbons on my front door.  Santa forgot to bring me some sparkle!

Here's what is on my After Christmas Wish List:

Silk Naturals
Splendid Perfecting Glow, $6.50 for a 10 g jar
Eye shadows $4.00 ea in Idolize, Glory, Blessings, and Doubloons (variations of peachy shimmery taupe)

OCC Pro's Picks lip set $49.50
Morgana Cryptoria
Pentacle eyeshadow (black plummy holo), $7.00
Lipsticks in Angelica (gorgeous neon pink) and Twist of Fate (golden plum beige), $5.00 ea

Dollhouse Bejeweled and Spiked platform heels, $32
Photo Opulence Floral Print Cropped Pants, $42
Flashbulb Gold Sequin Top, $37

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty, $31.50 (Prime)

Is there anything you've been loving that didn't quite make it for Christmas?  I'm also grabbing a few little nubbins from MAC's Apr├Ęs Chic collection, namely the lipsticks in Hot Chocolate and Haute Altitude, the MSF in Stereo Rose (let the craziness commence for that one!) and seriously, the Strength and Brow collections were kinda meh.  Like I need another crazy bingo lady hot pink!

Tell me what you're lemming- I am always nosy and like to see what people want.  

Have a GREAT day!


Fleurs-de-Lisa said...


I have Silk Naturals Glory eyeshadow, but it doesn't work for me. I'll send it to you if you like.

Should I contact you at baroqueinbabylon@hotmail.com to see if you want it, or is that address only for press?


Baroque In Babylon said...

@Lisa that is lovely of you to offer! That email is perfect. I'd love to offer something for you in return. Let's chat! Thanks again :)